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Unallocated Routes

From the sidebar, open ‘Routing‘ under ‘Orders‘ tab. On this page, you can view the unallocated routes that are ready for shipment but not yet assigned to a rider. These routes may or may not have a rider linked to them.

What all can be done on this page

  1. Get a quick summary of the selected route. Change your route name here.
  2. Use ‘Pidge AI‘ to optimize the route by rearranging the order sequence.
  3. Manually rearrange the drop sequence of the route to meet your business requirements.
  4. Quick search through all your routes. Filter routes on the basis of route creation date and route link status.
  5. Link riders to routes for future allocation.
  6. Quickly allocate or unroute everything at once with ‘Bulk Actions‘.
  7. View up to 5 Routes on map with Compare Routes.
  8. Active Routes‘ show current routes allocated to riders. Use this page to reassign routes to other riders.
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