Order Analytics

Ditch Delivery Guesswork, Embrace Delivery Brilliance

Unlock real-time insights, optimize operations, and delight customers. No more guesswork, just delivery mastery.

How will Order Analytics Help?

The delivery world is a tangled web of packages, deadlines, and unknowns. But with Pidge's Order Analytics, you can cut through the fog and discover the hidden secrets of your delivery ecosystem.

We're not just about tracking packages, we're about tracking customer experiences, from the first click of a tracking link to the final doorbell ring. With real-time data as your superpower and historical wisdom as your shield, Pidge empowers you to transform deliveries from mundane tasks into customer-thrilling journeys.

Tracking Performance of Delivery Link

Get visibility on the volume of link distribution, open rates, customer engagement rate, & more to fine-tune last-mile service with shipping data analysis.

Delivery Feedback

Collect valuable feedback, queries & more from customers to quickly resolve on-ground issues and deliver a controlled delivery experience with delivery performance metrics.

Delivery Slot Performance

Ensure optimal resource allocation, and compare expected delivery times with actual delivery times, to achieve precision in logistics operations using delivery time analysis.

Historical Insights

Dive deep into historical data to identify trends, set benchmarks, and continuously refine your delivery processes with logistics data analysis.


Comprehensive Dashboard

Pidge's Order Analytics module comes with a user-friendly dashboard that offers an easy-to-understand visual summary of critical metrics.

Track metrics such as order fulfillment, tracking link performance, and delivery slot efficiency are presented at a single glance.
Enjoy up-to-the-minute data on your delivery operations. This real-time feedback allows you to make informed decisions swiftly with shipping data analytics.

Tracking Link

Real-time Tracking Data

Stay ahead of the game with access to real-time tracking data that enables you to adapt promptly to shifting conditions and evolving customer demands.

• As conditions change or unexpected situations arise, you can make agile decisions with real-time tracking.
• Offer your customers a transparent experience by providing accurate delivery times and real-time tracking links with on-time delivery analytics.

Feedback Loops

Our Feedback Loops feature allows you to collect, manage, and act upon customer input.

Gather feedback directly from your customers. Use this information to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance your delivery services with delivery performance metrics.
Respond rapidly to customer concerns and issues by staying informed through the feedback loop.
Leverage historical feedback data to recognize trends, set benchmarks, and refine your delivery processes continually with order fulfillment analysis.

Frequently asked questions for Order Analytics on Pidge

Order Analytics, provided by Pidge, is a tool that helps improve last-mile efficiency. It does this by giving valuable insights into delivery operations, like assessing routes, partner performance, and customer preferences, so we can make smarter decisions to make deliveries even better.

When it comes to tracking links, Order Analytics gives us detailed info on how many people click on the links and how they interact with them. This helps us see if the links are working well and if there's anything we can do to make them even better for customers.

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