Live Tracking

Lack of visibility on delivery status eroding customer experience?

Not anymore! Give your customers peace of mind with complete visibility on rider location for in-progress deliveries.

What is Live Tracking?

Pidge Live Tracking strengthens business operations by enabling real-time monitoring of all deliveries. It also helps businesses keep an eye on rider/partner performance, ensuring operational excellence and precision at every step of the journey. The result?
Notifications-driven deliveries that give you total visibility and keep your customers happy.

Reduced Support Queries

Real-time tracking and ETA notifications free up more time for the customer support team to focus on other requests

Empowered Customer Experience

Evoke trust from customers and give them control and clarity with real-time updates on deliveries.

Operational Agility

Make your fleet more nimble, optimize routes, and respond to dynamic changes with real-time insights

Build Repeat Business

Consistently keeping customers updated builds confidence, and loyalty, encouraging repeat business


Real-Time Geo- Tracking

Customers can follow the live physical position of their orders on a map, giving them real-time information into the status of their delivery.

Real-time visibility provides customers with a sense of control and confidence in their deliveries.
• Businesses can optimize delivery routes and respond to dynamic changes with real-time insights, improving overall operational efficiency.

ETA Notifications

 Customers receive automated Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) alerts once their deliveries are on route, letting them know when their orders will arrive.

• ETA notifications free up customer support teams, allowing them to focus on other customer requests rather than fielding queries about order arrivals.
• Consistently updating customers on their delivery status builds trust and loyalty, encouraging repeat business.

Auto Synced Order Status

Simultaneous updates across the dashboard, rider app, and for customers provide all involved parties with real-time status updates for every order.

• The support team can provide more accurate and timely assistance to customers with up-to-date order information.
• Real-time order status helps streamline delivery operations, making them more efficient and accurate.

Rider Communication

Live tracking allows customers to interact directly with drivers, facilitating last-minute instructions or address changes.

• Customers can relay specific delivery requirements or preferences, contributing to more personalized service.
Real-time communication enables quick issue resolution, reducing the likelihood of delivery-related problems.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Pidge Live Tracking allows you to monitor the real-time status of all deliveries in progress simultaneously, providing a comprehensive view of your delivery operations.

Customers can access the live tracking information for their orders through the notifications they get on their smartphone, which include the link to view the real-time location and status updates of their deliveries.

Pidge takes data security and privacy seriously. We employ robust security measures to protect tracking data and adhere to strict privacy policies to ensure the confidentiality of customer and business information.

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