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Repeat Orders

From the Create order page, click on the Repeat order button on the top right.

Steps to Create a New Order

  1. On the Repeat orders page, select the delivery date and slot for which you want to create repeat orders.
  2. Upload a CSV file that has mobile numbers of the customers to whom the delivery has to be made.
  3. Pidge’s Al identifies and matches past orders for the chosen date and slot to customers listed in the CSV.
    1. The 1st row shows the count of customers with exact matches, like for eg: Out of 2000 uploaded entries, 1000 customers matched the selected date & slot.
    2. The 2nd row displays customers from the uploaded sheet who didn’t receive deliveries in the selected time slot but placed an order within the past 15 days. You can decide whether to proceed with these orders or not.
    3. The 3rd row shows the number of new customers that were part of the uploaded customer sheet. You have the option to download this file and create new orders for these customers.
    4. The 4th row shows the number of entries that had incorrect number formatting.
  4. You can move the synced orders to ‘Ready to ship’ tab under the ‘Powered with Pidge’ page by clicking on the Confirm & Move button.
    Note – With Pidge, you get the option to map previously allocated routes & riders by checking the Route & Rider option.

You might want to know:

You are only required to add the Customer phone numbers for whom you want to create repeat orders.

  1. In case the added numbers were associate with different addresses, Pidge’s AI will accurately map the orders against the numbers and the delivery addresses.
  2. In case the added numbers were associated with the same delivery address, Pidge’s AI will pick up the delivery address associated with the number as per the selected delivery slot & time.
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