Subscription and Dairy

Scale up your Subscription-Box business with the magic of Smart Tech

Pidge’s AI-powered platform takes care of your fragile and perishable deliveries to delight your loyal customers.

What are the biggest challenges in last mile delivery ?

Delayed and Inconsistent Deliveries

The premise of any subscription business is to provide timely, recurring service. Customers are most likely to look for alternatives if they do not get reliable or punctual deliveries. 

Inefficient Resource Management

Manually charting out routes for recurring deliveries can be time consuming and highly inefficient. It can lead to delayed orders and reduced rider productivity .

Lack of Real-Time Order Visibility

Subscribers expect real-time visibility into the delivery process. Lack of live tracking and communication can result in uncertainty and impact the overall subscription experience.

Inability to Scale Business

If resources are not optimized, your business growth will remain dependent on your delivery capabilities. Meeting the demands of varying subscription volume will require intelligent resource allocation and utilization.

Why do Subscription & Dairy brands need last mile technology?

Repeat business and customer satisfaction, especially for subscription-based or perishable categories are factors greatly influenced by last-mile delivery. Pidge understands the importance of delivering fresh veggies or dairy products, personalized meals, vegan dishes or health supplements to customers exactly when and how they want them.

That is why our next-gen, tailored logistics tech is designed specifically for subscription companies, so that they can offer a better and more efficient delivery experience for their customers. No more delivery pain-points, no more headaches.

Precision and Efficiency

AI-powered routing, Route comparison, and the Delivery Simulator contribute to precise and efficient delivery operations for subscription businesses.


Optimized Operations

Rider analytics and intelligent resource allocation result in optimized operations, reduced costs, and higher efficiency of subscription box deliveries.


Rapid Growth

Drilled down analytics, automated workflows and scalable technology allow businesses to grow rapidly, profitably and sustainably.

Customer Loyalty

Enhanced Customer Experience

Live tracking, repeat order flow, and multi-channel communication elevate the overall subscription-box delivery experience, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


AI & ML Powered Routing Engine

The AI & ML Powered Routing Engine from Pidge identifies the most efficient delivery routes for subscription businesses. This technology also optimizes routes based on variables such as delivery frequency, order destinations, and historical data, ensuring precision and cost-effectiveness.

Repeat Order Flow

Pidge streamlines the repeat order flow for subscription deliveries. The platform intelligently manages and schedules recurring deliveries, ensuring that subscribers receive their boxes seamlessly based on their chosen delivery frequency.

Route Comparison & Delivery Simulator

Businesses can compare up to 5 different routes and choose the most efficient one, based on delivery times, distance, available riders, traffic conditions, number of orders etc. The Delivery Simulator feature helps visualize delivery routes before execution to fine-tune routes and optimize delivery schedules.

Multi-Channel Customer Communication

Pidge facilitates automated, multi-channel communication via email, WhatsApp and SMS regarding order confirmations, live tracking link, delivery updates etc to create a seamless communication flow for the subscribers.

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