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Smart Allocation

Spending hours planning your delivery routes?  

Now you don’t have to! Experience the sheer brilliance of AI-powered algorithms that optimize your routes, boost operational ROI, and delight your customers!

How does Smart Allocation Work?

Pidge's Smart Allocation feature is a cutting-edge solution that redefines the way you allocate delivery orders. Using sophisticated algorithms, it seamlessly matches orders with the most suitable delivery partners, considering critical factors like price, availability, distance, and time. The result?

Improved Cost Efficiency

Ensure optimal use of rider/delivery partner resources. reduce underutilization and improve operational ROI

Customer Delight

Accurate and timely deliveries intensify a positive customer experience, and increase brand loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into partner performance, enabling strategic decision for resource allocation and cost optimization..


Scale your business by effortlessly managing increasing volume of orders as well as riders/delivery partners.


AI-powered Algorithm

Analyses variables like order locations, number of partners available, rider/partner proximity, load capacity, order destination, etc. to create the most efficient routes for delivering your orders.

Configure & Customize Allocation rules

Define your own rules on factors like designated delivery zones, precise delivery time windows, and even your partner preferences. This level of logic customization ensures that every delivery is assigned to the most suitable partner for maximizing efficiency.

Data-Powered Decision-Making

Access to past performance patterns of each partner can help you strategically assign deliveries to the most reliable partners and optimize your allocation strategy for the best possible outcomes.

Industries championing last mile deliveries with Smart Allocation

Our Customers Love Us!

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I am now encouraged to promote my brand and gain more control over my business.

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Pidge has given us structure and ambition to grow beyond geographies.

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We were amazed by how perfect Pidge’s solution was for our operational challanges.

    Frequently asked questions

    We understand your queries. Here are answers to some common questions regarding Pidge’s pricing:

    Smart Allocation utilizes advanced AI algorithms to intelligently match each order with the most suitable delivery partner. It considers factors like proximity, partner availability, and order volume to optimize the allocation process.

    Smart Allocation allows for flexibility. You can manually override the allocation for specific orders if needed. Our system is designed to assist you, not replace your decision-making.

    Absolutely, Smart Allocation excels in managing high-order volumes. Its AI-driven capabilities adapt to changes in demand, ensuring efficient partner allocation even during peak times.

    See we told you!
    With Pidge, there are No Boundaries!