Revenue Growth

More Choices.
More Revenue.

With freedom to choose your demand channels and supply options, experience revenue growth like never before.

omni channel integrations for demand from all channels and multiple delivery partners

Zero Unfulfilled Demand

Make the most of our AI driven Smart Allocation to access multiple supply options and never have any cancelled orders.


How will
Revenue grow?


Access to wider
supply options

Efficient Order Management

Solution that
supports scalability


Omnichannel Integrations

By integrating your order management system with various platforms like Shopify, Wix, Petpooja and DotPe, have a better sense of your demand to accelerate growth.

Build your own hybrid network

We understand every business is inherently different. That’s why our solution helps plan your logistics with an option to build a hybrid network that can include a mix of your own riders & riders provided by the Pidge Powered Network .

Analytics and intelligence

Get seamless access to your dashboard on any device for real time and historic data that enables smarter business decision making.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Whipped Designation

I am now encouraged to promote my brand & gain more control over my business.

H&D Services Designation

Pidge has given us structure and ambition to grow beyond geographies.

Food Darzee Designation

We were amazed by how perfect Pidge’s solution was for our operational challanges.

Urvann Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! They helped us stay competitive & give confidence to our customers.

The Big Chill Designation

Pidge's support during lockdown boosted our confidence to try something new after 20 years.

Proecom Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! The technology has helped us stay competitive.

Riding Rangers Designation

Pidge helped us increase customer satisfaction, client acquisition and operational efficiency.

Royce' Chocolate Designation

Your tireless dedication and professionalism on this project have blown us away. Well done!

Crave by Leena Designation

Pidge exceeded our expectations when it came to on-time deliveries with real-time updates.

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