Cash Management

Looking for a Modern, Secure Solution to Cash Management?

Seamlessly collect cash, boost security, and gain peace of mind. Pidge simplifies COD for both your business and your customers. Stop Counting & Start Scaling.

What is the Pidge Cash Management Module?

Pidge's Cash Management Module simplifies and secures cash collection for businesses, whether using 3PL partners or our network. It ensures efficient, secure, and transparent cash transactions, offering a seamless experience for businesses and customers alike.

Streamlined Cash Collection

Collect cash payments effortlessly from customers, whether they opt for digital payments or pay in physical currency.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard sensitive customer-related and financial information with best-in-class security and encryption measures.

Transparency and Traceability

Pidge acts as a conduit for cash collection to reinforce accountability and traceability, reducing the risk of discrepancies.

Easy Adoption

A user-friendly interface makes it easy for both administrators and riders to manage cash effectively.


Digital Payments Integration

Simplify your financial transactions, ensuring secure and efficient digital payments.

Seamlessly integrate with popular digital payment platforms
Boost customer trust and satisfaction with secure digital payment options
Accept payments through Airtel Payments Bank, Novopayments, and more

QR Code Payments

Ensure precision in attributing payments, enhancing the customer experience.

• Provide dedicated QR codes for effortless digital payments
• Ensure accurate attribution for every transaction
Enhance the customer experience with convenient payment methods

Efficient Cash Management

Streamline your financial processes securely.

• Manage cash collected by your delivery partners through the Pidge platform
Increase transparency and accountability in cash handling processes
Gain control over your cash management with real-time tracking

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