Hybrid Delivery Network

Pidge Powered Delivery Network: One Platform, Limitless Partners

Revolutionize Your Delivery Operations with a Hybrid Delivery Network of Your Own Riders and Pidge's Trusted Partners

What is Pidge Powered Network?

Pidge Powered Network (PPN) is the future of last-mile delivery! It gives businesses the power to fire up their fulfilment capacity by getting access to limitless options
A sudden rush of festive orders but not enough riders? Find them within PPN.
Orders from outside your city but the delivery partner is too expensive? Choose the one that suits your pocket, right here on PPN.

Operational Flexibility

Build a flexible and adaptive delivery network that can scale according to demand, and offer operational agility and stability.

Cost Efficiency

Optimize the allocation of resources, reduce idle time of delivery riders, and leverage Pidge’s delivery network as and when required to achieve cost efficiency.

Resource Optimization

Strategically allocate resources based on demand fluctuations, ensuring efficient delivery operations during peak and off-peak times.

Business Scalability

Tap into Pidge’s extensive partner delivery network to extend your delivery reach, ensuring efficient service even in new or remote areas.


Access to verified delivery partners

Explore uncharted territories to expand your brand.

See more, deliver more: Expand reach with verified local & 3PL partners.
Unlock new frontiers: Partner with diverse services & local networks.
Tap hidden potential: Fulfill in new areas, attract new customers.

Hybrid Network Building

Custom-build your micro-network that seamlessly integrates your delivery resources with those provided by Pidge.

• Build custom micro-networks with Pidge's Network.
• Seamlessly integrate your in-house delivery resources.
• Ensure efficient utilization of resources & expand your delivery capabilities.

Frequently asked questions

We understand your queries. Here are answers to some common questions regarding Pidge’s pricing:

The Pidge Powered Network offers you the flexibility to create a hybrid delivery network by seamlessly integrating your own in-house riders with Pidge's trusted partner riders. Through our advanced platform, you can allocate orders to either your own riders or partner riders based on demand, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries.

Absolutely! The Pidge platform empowers you with the control to decide when to utilize partner riders and when to deploy your in-house delivery riders. This dynamic allocation lets you optimize your delivery resources, ensuring swift order fulfillment during peak hours and maintaining operational efficiency.

We're committed to expanding our network reach to support businesses across various locations. To find out if the Pidge Powered Network is available in your area, please reach out to our team, and we'll be delighted to assist you.

You can easily log in to the Pidge Dashboard and start assigning your deliveries with a network connection across the nation. You can name your personal private network and set multiple rules, such as serviceable areas, pricing categories, allocation rules, support functions, etc., to have better control over how and from whom you want the deliveries to be made.

Who’s expanding their world with Pidge
Powered Network?

Whipped Designation

I am now encouraged to promote my brand & gain more control over my business.

H&D Services Designation

Pidge has given us structure and ambition to grow beyond geographies.

Food Darzee Designation

We were amazed by how perfect Pidge’s solution was for our operational challanges.

Urvann Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! They helped us stay competitive & give confidence to our customers.

The Big Chill Designation

Pidge's support during lockdown boosted our confidence to try something new after 20 years.

Proecom Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! The technology has helped us stay competitive.

Riding Rangers Designation

Pidge helped us increase customer satisfaction, client acquisition and operational efficiency.

Royce' Chocolate Designation

Your tireless dedication and professionalism on this project have blown us away. Well done!

Crave by Leena Designation

Pidge exceeded our expectations when it came to on-time deliveries with real-time updates.

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