Cake and Special Handling

Special Deliveries Get Special Care with Pidge's Smart Technology

Pidge logistics technology ensures razor-sharp deliveries so every order reaches just like it should – on time and intact.

What are the biggest challenges in last mile delivery ?

Order Tracking Woes

The inability to track orders can make customers anxious, because delays can deteriorate the freshness and quality of delicate shipments like cakes, and adversely affect customer experience.

Communication Gaps

Weak communication between businesses, delivery partners, and customers can lead to delayed or undelivered orders, resulting in disgruntled customers.

Poor Adherence to Delivery SLAs

If businesses are unable to enforce or monitor SLA adherence, meeting promised delivery timeframes can become a significant challenge affecting delivery performance.

Absence of Delivery Confirmation

Without proof of delivery, brands are left uninformed, and have no control over the crucial moment when customers physically receive their products. 

Why do Cakes and ‘Special Handling’ shipments need
last mile technology?

Time sensitive items like icing-cakes and cream scones, and other limited-shelf-life products need streamlined last-mile operations to preserve their freshness and delicate nature.

Pidge’s expertise in the nuances of handling ‘special handling’ shipments is why our next-gen, tailored logistics tech works for such businesses, so that they can offer a better and more efficient delivery experience for their customers. No more delivery pain-points, no more headaches.

SLA-based Precise Deliveries

Pidge's advanced features optimize routes and ensure greater adherence to SLAs so ‘special handling’ orders are delivered within promised timeframes.


Higher Trustworthiness

Accurate delivery confirmation and proof of delivery build trust. Customers receive real-time updates, and businesses can confidently verify successful order completion.


Enhanced Communication

Proactive, seamless communication improves clarity and responsiveness and ensures that delivery instructions are followed accurately.

Customer Loyalty

Reassured Customers

Getting real-time visibility on the status and location of their delicate orders reduces uncertainty and reassures customers.


AI & ML Powered Routing Engine

The AI & ML Powered Routing Engine from Pidge identifies the most efficient routes for perishable deliveries . This technology optimizes routes based on variables such as delivery frequency, order destinations, and historical data, ensuring precision and cost-effectiveness.

Automated Process

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking link provides customers with live updates on the status and location of their cakes and pastry boxes. This transparency enhances the overall subscription experience and boosts customer satisfaction.

Rider Analytics

Subscription businesses gain valuable insights into rider performance through Pidge's Rider Analytics. This feature enables data-driven decisions for resource allocation, route optimization, and overall delivery management.

Multi-Channel Customer Communication

Pidge facilitates automated, multi-channel communication via email, WhatsApp and SMS regarding order confirmations, updates, and tracking information to create a seamless communication flow for the subscribers.

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