Route Optimization

Make Every Route The Smartest Route with Pidge’s Route Optimization & Planning Software

Discover the power of artificial intelligence as it optimizes your delivery routes, helping you deliver more in less time and cost.

How our AI-Powered Route Optimization Software works?

Pidge's trademarked AI-driven route optimization software technology, Multiple Optimization Route Recommendation Engine (MORRE), takes route planning, route optimization and delivery management to unprecedented levels of efficiency.
Our Route Planning Software works by analyzing multiple parameters such as order location, real time traffic data, delivery time windows, and historical patterns to identify the most efficient and optimised delivery routes to deliver your orders. The result?

Optimized Routes

AI-powered algorithms find the most efficient delivery routes, factoring in traffic, weather, delivery windows, and multiple destinations.

Minimized Fuel Costs

Our Route Planning system uses the most efficient routes and allows for more accurate and timely deliveries, and improve overall delivery performance

Enhanced Delivery Ops

Pidge’s routing software uses the most optimized routes, allows for more accurate and timely deliveries, and improves overall delivery performance.

Enduring Sustainability

Reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions allow for sustainable and eco-friendly delivery operations.


AI-powered Agility for On-Demand Deliveries

Outsmart disruptions, optimize routes, exceed expectations. Pidge's real-time Rerouting software dynamically adapts to traffic, weather, and roadblocks, ensuring on-time deliveries every time.

Predictable: Proactive re-routing minimizes schedule disruptions.
Efficient: Maintain route optimization under any circumstance.
Reliable: Exceed customer expectations with consistent on-time deliveries.

Multi-Order Route Planning and Optimization

Pidge's proprietary routing engine MORRE™ is an intelligent tool that harnesses the power of advanced algorithms and real-time data to uncover the most efficient routes for your deliveries, ensuring your orders always arrive on time every time.

• MORRE evaluates multiple factors, including distance, traffic, time constraints, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity, to identify the best possible routes.
• Leverages advanced AI algorithms to learn from past experiences, predict patterns, and suggest even more accurate and efficient routes over time.

Industries growing their business with AI-Powered Route Optimization

Frequently asked questions about AI-Powered Route Optimisation Software:

AI-driven route optimization offers several benefits for businesses. It reduces fuel costs, minimizes travel time, improves customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries, and boosts overall operational efficiency.

AI-driven route optimization software is a smart tool that uses advanced algorithms to find the most efficient routes for deliveries. It considers factors like traffic, delivery windows, and multiple stops to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries.

AI-driven route optimization is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small enterprises. It's not limited to large corporations and can be scaled to fit the operations of smaller companies, providing cost-effective solutions for their delivery needs.

Route planning involves the basic process of determining the best path to reach a destination. Route optimization, on the other hand, employs advanced algorithms and real-time data to continually refine and improve routes, considering various factors like traffic, delivery windows, and multiple stops for maximum efficiency. It's a more dynamic and sophisticated approach to ensuring optimal delivery routes.

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