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challenges in last mile delivery For Grocery Businesses

SLA Adherence from Delivery Partner

Delivering fresh baked goods, salads, and produce is a logistical nightmare. Fragile items, tight deadlines, and scattered customers make it tough for riders to meet SLAs. Finding reliable partners who understand delicate cargo is crucial.

Fleet Effectiveness & Productivity

Manually balancing the allocation of deliveries amongst riders, minimising travel distances, and matching the best drivers to every order is a complex task. This approach lacks real-time adaptability, leading to inefficiencies in handling events like traffic, cancellations, roadblocks, and accidents.

Inaccurate Geocoding

Accurate addresses are a rarity, causing delays and lowering customer satisfaction. Inaccurate geocoding challenges on-time deliveries, impacting the overall efficiency of E-Grocery logistics.

Real time Adaptability

Last minute changes in delivery address, a request for a different delivery time, or real-time events such as roadblocks need a high degree of adaptability and responsiveness. The lack of such flexibility can severely dent a customer’s experience and brand loyalty.

Why Do Grocery Businesses Need Last Mile Technology?

For brands dealing with fresh produce, perishables, and delicate items such as icing-cakes or freshly baked breads, on-time delivery is critical to preserve the integrity of flavours, textures, and aromas. The precision from the Pidge platform ensures that each delivery arrives on-time, intact and to the right customer. This is particularly crucial for subscription boxes, especially those for meals or perishables, where timely deliveries can be a huge differentiator of customer satisfaction and product freshness.

SLA Adherence

AI-powered Smart Allocation and Routing through MORRE contribute to precise SLA management, improving the reliability of E-Grocery deliveries.

Delivery Control

Better Control on Deliveries

With real-time tracking and smarter routes, businesses can see their supply chain more clearly and make better decisions.

Tailored Solution

Tailored solution for ‘special handling’

Intelligent Rider & Roster Management leads to reduced travel times, increased efficiency, and fair distribution of deliveries among riders.

Customer Loyalty

Happy Customers

Give shipment visibility and proactive notifications to boost customer satisfaction, and an impactful delivery experience.


Accurate Geocoding & Real-time Order Tracking

With Pidge's advanced geo-coding solution, you can ensure precise address assignment and get real-time status on deliveries in progress, from anywhere, anytime.

Real time tracking & Geocoding

Repeat Order Feature For Subscriptions

Allows flexibility to keep the old routes, add new orders, and even change a customer’s delivery point before the riders start their routes.

Cash on Delivery Management

Provide your customers with dedicated QR codes for digital payments, or enable OTP based cash collections for secure and accurate attribution.

Pidge Power Network

Handpick from our partners like Dunzo, Borzo, Zomato, Shadowfax, Porter, Zypp, and 20+ hyper-local delivery partners to find the most efficient way to fulfil every order.

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