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What is Multi-Channel Communication?

Multi-channel communication takes a comprehensive approach to instilling confidence in your customers well before the order arrives at their doorstep. Through tailored communications & advanced order tracking, ensure a seamless delivery experience throughout the journey.

Improve Customer Experience

Regular alerts on delivery status keep customers informed and assured, resulting in a positive delivery experience

Reduce Customer enquiries

Proactive notifications minimize customer enquiries and requests, freeing up the load on the support team.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Real-time communication improves collaboration between teams, allowing swift decision-making and issue resolution.

Automated alerts

Automate order confirmations, delivery updates, and feedback resquests to ensure consistent communication without manual efforts.


Automated Order Notifications

Customers receive automatic notifications via SMS, WhatsApp and in-app messages at every stage of the delivery process, from order confirmation to delivery completion.

• Proactive notifications significantly minimize customer inquiries and support requests, relieving the load on the customer support team.
Real-time communication fosters improved collaboration between internal teams, allowing for swift decision-making and issue resolution.

Rider Connect

Customers can directly communicate with delivery personnel, facilitating last-minute adjustments or addressing concerns.

Direct interaction with riders allows for a personalized touch, making customers feel valued and enhancing the overall delivery experience.
Any concerns or issues can be addressed promptly through direct communication, leading to quick problem-solving and higher customer satisfaction.

Two-way Communication

Customers can send their feedback as a reply to the notifications, which can either help tighten the delivery process or motivate the team to continue to perform better.

• Feedback collected from customers provides data that can be used to make informed decisions and optimize the delivery process.
• Two-way communication keeps customers engaged and involved, fostering a sense of partnership and loyalty to the brand.

Customized Messaging

Send tailored messages with your own brand logo, to connect with customers better and offer a stronger brand experience. 

• Use customized messaging for promotions and upselling, enhancing the customer experience.
• Automate personalized messages at scale for timely order and delivery updates, improving operational efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Multi-Channel Communication on Pidge is a comprehensive communication system that facilitates real-time interaction between businesses, delivery personnel, and customers. It uses SMS, WhatsApp and in-app channels to ensure seamless, efficient, and transparent communication throughout the entire delivery process..

You can send a variety of messages, including order confirmation, delivery updates, automated delay alerts, delivery documentation, and feedback requests. These messages can be customized to suit different scenarios and customer preferences.

Yes, customers can directly communicate with the riders through our platform. This two-way communication feature allows for any last-minute adjustments, address changes, and addressing any concerns in real-time.

Yes, you can use our platform to collect feedback from customers. After delivery, a feedback-seeking notification can be sent to customers, allowing businesses to measure satisfaction and continuously improve their services. 

Multi-channel communication in Pidge's system benefits your delivery process by providing various ways to stay connected with customers. It offers options like SMS, email, and notifications, ensuring that customers receive timely updates on their deliveries through their preferred channels.

Tailored communications play a significant role in the delivery journey. They allow you to provide personalized updates and information to customers, creating a more engaging and satisfying delivery experience. This personal touch can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advanced order tracking in Pidge's system provides real-time visibility into the status and location of deliveries. This transparency gives customers confidence and peace of mind, resulting in a seamless and trustworthy delivery experience.

Our automated order notifications stand out with their reliability and precision. They are sent promptly and accurately, keeping customers informed at every stage of the delivery process. This level of consistency sets us apart, ensuring a reliable and convenient experience for your customers.

Rider Connect in Pidge's system enhances the overall delivery experience by enabling direct communication between riders and customers. This feature allows for real-time updates, address clarifications, and special instructions, ensuring a smooth and personalized delivery process.

Sure, you have the ability to customize messages with your own brand logo in Pidge's system. This helps reinforce your brand identity and creates a cohesive and professional image for your customers.

Two-way communication features in Pidge's system enable direct interaction between your business and customers. This allows for quick problem-solving, address clarifications, and a more personalized delivery experience, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Real-time communication in Pidge's system leads to operational efficiencies by enabling immediate response to changing circumstances. This can include rerouting deliveries, addressing customer inquiries, and providing timely updates, ensuring smoother and more agile operations.

The automated alerts system in Pidge's system is highly secure, ensuring that order confirmations and delivery updates are delivered to the right recipients with accuracy and confidentiality. Your customers can trust that their information is handled securely.

Definitely, you can automate personalized messages for promotions and upselling in Pidge's system. This feature allows you to engage with customers in a targeted and efficient manner, potentially leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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