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What are their biggest challenges in last mile delivery ?

Order Aggregation Across Channels

Manually collating orders from various channels can lead to errors, delays, and operational inefficiencies. Streamlining the process of aggregating orders from different channels is a key challenge.

Optimizing Multi-Stop Routes

Often riders are sent on single-delivery routes because restaurants want customers to receive their meals on time. However, this significantly increases their operational cost. Many businesses find it complex to effectively manage multi-stop routes.

Inaccurate Geocoding

Inaccurate addresses cause delays, taints  the customer’s brand perception and impacts the overall efficiency of restaurant and cloud kitchen operations.

Real-Time Adaptation to Dynamic Conditions

The dynamic nature of the food delivery landscape requires real-time adaptation. Factors like traffic, weather, and unexpected hurdles demand swift adjustments for on-time deliveries.

Why Do Restaurants or Cloud Kitchens Need Last Mile Technology?

As the order volume increases, it becomes challenging to ensure that all meals reach the correct destinations in time, and at the temperature that the customers want them. Utilizing advanced route optimization and real-time tracking ensures timely and efficient food deliveries, and a fantastic customer experience.
Optimized Delivery Operations

Optimized Delivery Operations

Pidge's Multi-Stop Optimization and Real-Time Adaptation ensures prompt and efficient deliveries during peak hours.


Resource Efficiency

Intelligent resource allocation enhances operational efficiency, minimizing idle time, and ensuring that each rider's capacity is maximized.


Quality Assurance

Pidge streamlines delivery routes and minimizing time in transit, maintaining the quality and freshness of delivered meals.

Customer Loyalty

Happy Customers

Give shipment visibility and proactive notifications to boost customer satisfaction, and an impactful delivery experience.


Omni-Channel Order Aggregation

Pidge streamlines the process of order aggregation across various channels, eliminating manual efforts. This ensures accurate and efficient order collation, reducing errors and delays associated with manual processes.

Multi-Stop Optimization &
Real-time Order Tracking

While Pidge's Multi-Stop Optimization ensures optimal delivery sequences for various orders, real-time status on deliveries in progress enhances customer confidence.

Cash on Delivery Management

Provide your customers with dedicated QR codes for digital payments, or enable OTP based cash collections for secure and accurate attribution.

Pidge Power Network

Handpick from our partners like Dunzo, Borzo, Zomato, Shadowfax, Porter, Zypp, and 20+ hyper-local delivery partners to find the most efficient way to fulfil every order.

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