Empowering E-commerce Businesses with Intelligent Last-Mile Solutions

Pidge enables seamless delivery experience with logistics technology that is tailor-made for online commerce.

What are the biggest challenges in last mile delivery ?

Dependency on Human Factor

E-commerce operations are often hindered by human-dependent processes, from sorting packages to delivery route planning. This manual approach is prone to errors, and leads to operational inefficiencies and increased costs.

Limited Visibility

In the absence of real-time tracking for riders and vehicles during pick-up and return stages, last mile operations get flooded with inefficiencies and delays. Manual route planning also fails to account for dynamic factors like traffic and roadblocks.

Data & Insight Shortfalls

Relying solely on instincts or using basic data tracking can dent operational efficiency. Insufficient insights into crucial metrics can hamper your ability to tackle last mile challenges. Worse, it can lead to incorrect decision-making.

Lack of Digitized ‘Proof of Delivery’

Old-school ‘proof of delivery’ methods, involving paper signatures and manual name matching add friction in the last-mile delivery experience. The absence of a streamlined, digital process impacts overall customer satisfaction.

Why do eCommerce brands need last mile technology?

Customer satisfaction in the fast-paced world of e-commerce is greatly influenced by last-mile delivery. Pidge takes conventional logistics and layers it with next-gen logistics tech designed specifically for e-commerce companies.

Our platform seamlessly integrates new-age technologies to optimize last-mile operations for eCommerce companies, even during the festive season rush, so they can offer a better and more efficient delivery experience for their customers. No more delivery pain-points, no more headaches.
Cost Saving

Cost Savings

Cut costs by automating tasks and using resources more efficiently.

Delivery Control

Better Control on Deliveries

With real-time tracking and smarter routes, businesses can see their supply chain more clearly and make better decisions


Smarter Decision Making

Use Pidge’s advanced analytics for making smarter decisions and more efficient operations.

Customer Loyalty

Happy Customers

Give shipment visibility and proactive notifications to boost customer satisfaction, and an impactful delivery experience.


Unified Command Center

Break down channel barriers. Pidge aggregates orders from diverse platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Petpooja, DotPe, and more, providing a single, unified view for effortless dispatch and delivery coordination. Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and streamline your operations from one central hub.

Dynamic Route Optimization

Ditch the static maps. Pidge leverages real-time data to intelligently adjust delivery routes even as events unfold. Traffic jam? No sweat! Pidge reroutes deliveries on the fly, ensuring optimal efficiency, on-time deliveries, and a seamless customer experience.

Seamless Cash Management

Eliminate cash complexities. Pidge empowers you to offer customers convenient and secure cash on delivery options. Generate unique QR codes for instant digital payments or enable OTP-based cash collection for a touchless, error-free experience. Your customers get peace of mind, and you avoid messy cash handling.

Data-Driven Decision Engine

Step away from the guesswork. Pidge equips you with powerful analytics and predictive insights. Gain in-depth visibility into rider performance, identify operational bottlenecks, and optimize routes based on real-time data. Make informed decisions to improve efficiency, maximize your ROI, and unlock your delivery operation's full potential.

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