Cost Saving

Minimize Costs at every step

With AI driven fleet optimization, real-time tracking and accurate COD reconciliation, your productivity shoots up & costs will go down.

AI-Driven Delivery Optimization

Pidge’s unique Multiple Optimization Route Recommendation Engine (MORRE) enables you ‘to do more with less’, ensuring efficiency in every delivery. Factoring elements like real time traffic and weather conditions, always get the best delivery routes.


How are costs

Live fleet

Delivery Routes

Competitive pricing through multiple delivery options

order clubbing


Maximize Rider Productivity

Maximize productivity & reduce rider idle time through features like, available rider allocation, multi-pick, multi-drop capability and real-time rider status visibility.

Roster & Attendance Management

Dynamic scheduling of multiple hubs and shifts to optimize rider availability with demand patterns.

COD Management

Minimize your COD risks through cash visibility from collection to deposit. Use the Pidge dashboard to track and reconcile transactions & ensure accurate cash flow management with zero errors.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Whipped Designation

I am now encouraged to promote my brand & gain more control over my business.

H&D Services Designation

Pidge has given us structure and ambition to grow beyond geographies.

Food Darzee Designation

We were amazed by how perfect Pidge’s solution was for our operational challanges.

Urvann Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! They helped us stay competitive & give confidence to our customers.

The Big Chill Designation

Pidge's support during lockdown boosted our confidence to try something new after 20 years.

Proecom Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! The technology has helped us stay competitive.

Riding Rangers Designation

Pidge helped us increase customer satisfaction, client acquisition and operational efficiency.

Royce' Chocolate Designation

Your tireless dedication and professionalism on this project have blown us away. Well done!

Crave by Leena Designation

Pidge exceeded our expectations when it came to on-time deliveries with real-time updates.

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