Delivery & Rider Analytics

Data-Backed Intelligence For Smarter Delivery with Rider Analytics, Leading to faster Deliveries

Elevate your operational performance with rider insights and supercharge your rider efficiency.

How will Delivery & Rider Analytics help?

The Pidge platform analyses historical data patterns of rider/partner productivity, route performance, delivery timelines, etc to derive actionable insights, so businesses can amplify last-mile efficiency. 

Measure Rider’s Operational Performance

With quantitative data, measure absolute performance vs expectations for riders, partners, delivery timelines and costs

Stronger control on operations

Transparency in data helps improve delivery quality and enables effective communication with partners and riders.

Enhance own fleet Productivity

Recognize top-performing riders via delivery rider dashboard, offer targeted training, and drive higher delivery success rates.

Strategic Decision making & Forecasting

Analyze delivery patterns with the help of rider & delivery analytics to forecast demand and take informed decisions on managing future business more effectively.


Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Our user-friendly Pidge rider analytics dashboard provides real-time visual insights into key delivery metrics, helping you make instant and informed decisions.

• Gain delivery tracking and real-time visual insights into crucial delivery metrics.
• Monitor rider performance analysis, order statuses, and delivery operations instantly.

Downloadable Delivery & Rider Performance Analytical reports with 10+ KPIs

Access to downloadable reports offers a wealth of data-driven insights.

• Get reports covering over 10 essential key performance indicators.
• Analyze data on distances covered, login success rates, order types, and more.

Daily/W2W/M2M Rider Performance Analysis

Easily compare daily, week-to-week or month-to-month data to gain razor-sharp insights on growing your business. 

Compare data across different time frames.
Uncover growth trends and performance over days, weeks, and months.
Fine-tune strategies for maximum efficiency based on insights.

Frequently Asked Questions for Delivery & Rider Analytics for Business

The Delivery & Rider Analytics feature provides comprehensive insights into your delivery operations and rider performance. It allows you to track key performance indicators (KPIs), rider attendance, efficiency metrics, and more.

You can monitor metrics such as rider attendance, order per day, distance per day, and much more.

We prioritize data security. Your analytics data is stored and transmitted using robust encryption methods to ensure your information remains confidential and protected.

Delivery & Rider Analytics, provided by Pidge, is a powerful tool that helps businesses make smarter decisions about their delivery operations. It provides valuable insights into the performance of deliveries and riders, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective services.

By using delivery and rider analytics, businesses can optimize their last-mile delivery services in several ways. They can identify and address operational bottlenecks, enhance route planning, allocate resources effectively, and improve overall delivery speed and accuracy.

Key metrics analyzed in delivery & rider analytics include delivery times, successful deliveries, customer ratings, rider performance, and delivery density in specific areas. These metrics provide a comprehensive overview of the delivery process and help in making data-driven decisions.

Yes, delivery & rider analytics is suitable for small businesses and startups. It's a scalable solution that can be tailored to fit the specific needs and size of any business, ensuring cost-effective and efficient delivery operations.

Definitely! Pidge's delivery & rider analytics can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems and technology. This ensures a smooth transition and allows businesses to leverage the power of analytics without disrupting their current operations.

Yes, delivery & rider analytics significantly improves customer satisfaction. By optimizing delivery processes, businesses can provide more reliable and timely services. This leads to happier customers who receive their orders quickly and accurately, ultimately enhancing their overall experience with the brand.

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