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How our delivery management software could help your small business?

Manage time sensitive last mile deliveries on a dynamic logistics platform. Integrate Pidge with your preferred online ordering platforms to aggregate demand, plan and optimize your delivery routes efficiently and save cost and resources.


Industry-based Solutions

Restaurants & Cloud kitchens

Delivery & Rider management software for Restaurants & Cloud kitchens

Manage time sensitive deliveries on a dynamic logistics platform. Integrate Pidge with your preferred online ordering platforms to aggregate demand and plan routes efficiently.

Cakes & Special Handling

Delivery management platform for Bakeries, Cakes & Special Handling

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing real-time order tracking,,notifications and timely delivery through our SaaS logistics platform.

Subscription Business

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Periodical Delivery Management Solution for Subscription based delivery Business

Grow your subscriber base exponentially by equipping your business with features such as recurring order management, AI based route planning, real-time tracking, and automated billing.

Groceries & Medicines

Fast & Efficient delivery management system for Groceries, Pharmacies & Medicines

Ensure on-time order fulfillment through Pidge with an emphasis on hyper-local delivery to enable efficient grocery and medicine logistics.

Other industries

E-commerce & retail

Delivery & courier companies

How Pidge benefits you!

Increase in Sales​

Increase in order size

Faster delivery time

Lesser Package loss

What Our Clients Are Saying

Whipped Designation

I am now encouraged to promote my brand & gain more control over my business.

H&D Services Designation

Pidge has given us structure and ambition to grow beyond geographies.

Food Darzee Designation

We were amazed by how perfect Pidge’s solution was for our operational challanges.

Urvann Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! They helped us stay competitive & give confidence to our customers.

The Big Chill Designation

Pidge's support during lockdown boosted our confidence to try something new after 20 years.

Proecom Designation

Pidge has changed the way we work! The technology has helped us stay competitive.

Riding Rangers Designation

Pidge helped us increase customer satisfaction, client acquisition and operational efficiency.

Royce' Chocolate Designation

Your tireless dedication and professionalism on this project have blown us away. Well done!

Crave by Leena Designation

Pidge exceeded our expectations when it came to on-time deliveries with real-time updates.

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