Break barriers. Seize opportunities. Drive Growth.

Reach more customers, optimize operations, and level up your delivery game with India's leading last-mile technology platform.

Breaking boundaries with Pidge Networks

The world of commerce and trade keeps growing at a steady click. However, millions of unorganized 3PLs across India face obstacles like limited customers and uneven demand that limit their growth. 
Pidge Networks evens the playing field by disrupting those dynamics. Our ecosystem empowers both organized and unorganized 3PLs, making their services visible to businesses who seek delivery partners. We break down barriers by promoting collaboration, improving delivery efficiency, and opening up new opportunities for growth. 

Expand Reach Exponentially

Connect with businesses that need delivery services to open the door to a world of growth opportunities

Gain Visibility to Diverse Customers

Look beyond traditional partnerships to connect with a multitude of businesses that were previously untapped.

Tech-Powered Deliveries

Aggregate all demands, use optmized routes, track riders real-time, and streamline delivery operations.


Scale your business by effortlessly managing increasing volume of orders as well as number of riders.


Profile Showcase

A standout feature of Pidge Networks is that it showcases the expertise, service areas, and track record of delivery rider providers. 

Showcase your expertise, reach, and track record
Attract businesses seeking your delivery capabilities
Empower your growth in the delivery landscape

Smart Matching Algorithm

Our algorithm connects 3PLs with businesses whose delivery requirements align seamlessly with their capabilities, increasing the likelihood of productive partnerships.

Connect with businesses that align with your capabilities
• Enhance the likelihood of productive partnerships
Streamline collaboration for consistent growth


Seamless onboarding on ONDC

Pidge empowers the vast majority of local, unorganized delivery providers, to join the ONDC ecosystem effortlessly, eliminating the necessity for them to develop their own technology infrastructure.

• Seamlessly integrate with the ONDC network without complex processes.
Save time and resources on onboarding to focus on your core operations.
• Quickly gain access to a vast network of businesses.

Partners Testimonial

Ishak, South Delhi no


Onboarded 8 big accounts, generating INR 2 lakhs monthly revenue (4x in 2 quarters)

I am the first person in my family to run a business, I am grateful to Pidge for making this possible and helping me to dream big. I want to be an example for lacs of people like me that anything is possible

H&D Services, Gurgaon no


Reduction in COD and package losses by over 85%, Increase in rider productivity by over 40%

We were on the verge of being driven out of business due to increasing financial pressure. With increased performance and the hope to work with businesses directly, it seems like a new beginning for us.

See we told you!
With Pidge, there are No Boundaries!

    Frequently asked questions

    Pidge Networks aims to provide delivery providers with tools to expand their reach exponentially, push past technological barriers, and ensure consistent demand for their services.

    Pidge Networks uses a Smart Matching Algorithm to connect 3PLs with businesses that have delivery requirements aligning with their capabilities, increasing the likelihood of productive partnerships.

    Creating a profile is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. 3PLs can input details about their services, service areas, pricing, etc to build a profile, which then becomes accessible to customers using the Pidge platform to find delivery partners.

    Yes, Pidge Networks is designed to empower both organized and unorganized 3PLs, offering growth opportunities and visibility to businesses seeking reliable delivery partners.

    Pidge does not charge any fee to become a member of Pidge networks. Pidge Partners gets to use our platform for free to aggregate all demand, get access to more business, and improve their efficiency.