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To Create a New Vehicle on Pidge, Click on the Fleet Tab from navigation menu.

Creating a Vehicle on Pidge:

Input RC Number: Begin by entering the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC) number accurately. This serves as the primary identification number for the vehicle.

Add Additional Details: Include additional details for better vehicle management:

  • Odometer Reading

  • Vehicle Brand

  • Vehicle Type

  • Owner Info

  • Expiration Date & Capacity

Select Trace Partner: Choose your trace partner, the tracking device in your vehicle. This ensures real-time and accurate data transfer to the Pidge platform.

Enter Device Information: Input the device ID and source of your tracking device. Optionally, upload an image of your vehicle.

Complete the Process: Click on the ‘Create’ Call-to-Action (CTA) to finalize the vehicle creation process.

Instant Vehicle Addition: Your vehicle will be added instantly to the Pidge platform, and you’re good to go!

You might want to know:

As of today, you can only create a single vehicle at once.

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