City Logistics Unveiled: Why It’s Essential Now More Than Ever

Pidge: Perfect City Logistics

Businesses have witnessed a metamorphosis of the consumer’s expectations from them. The rise of digital buying and at-home convenience culture through the pandemic has been a major contributor to this. According to a Morgan Stanley estimate, there will be over 475 million online shoppers in India by 2026, depicting an 8x increase since 2016. The consumers today are demanding much more from brands in exchange for their loyalty. Same-day delivery is just one part of it.

Ability to spend more

With rapid urban expansions occurring on the peripheries of smart cities such as Delhi, the interconnectivity has reached a level which the current infrastructure may not be capable of handling. Nuclear family set up and increased travel time forces consumers to look for solutions that enhance as well as optimise their hectic lifestyles. A higher average disposable income has led to an expansion of their purchasing power. This allows them to spend more on their wants. Today, a customer living in Gurugram wants her favorite cake to be delivered safely to her home from a bakery in North Delhi, and she is even willing to pay an extra charge for it. According to a BCG study,  57% of urban Indians agreed that they have paid for a product or service that saves time. 25% even said that they were ready to pay a premium for it.

Changing ask from last-mile logistics

The 2021 customer is conscious enough to choose a reliable and safe experience, and gets frustrated by delays, poor deliveries and radius-restrictions. Brands today are also adding reliability, security and an exceptional at-door experience to differentiate their propositions from others. They have started to realise that delivery forms a key component of their brand experience. Naturally, the ask from the last-mile logistics industry has changed. They are now looking for logistics partners who can understand their vision and provide unique logistics solutions across the city without any time, scale, size or radius restrictions. 

The need for mobile solutions is also bringing certain business models such as omni-channel fulfilment, online food ordering and D2C at the forefront. Businesses desire for a logistics partner who can help them replicate their in-store experience at the customer’s doorstep, in a quick & hassle-free manner. This forms the need base of city logistics; a category that Pidge has defined through its unique proposition.

Perfecting City Logistics

The idea behind city logistics is simple- to deliver whatever you want, wherever you want across the city, in its pristine form by our full-time and highly professional delivery executives. A city logistics company is the one-stop shop for all your logistics needs. Our delivery executives are trained to handle multiple product types across varied segments, so that you don’t need to download multiple apps for different needs. A city logistics expert is one that can pick up a DSLR from your place in Noida and safely deliver it to your friend in Gurgaon within a few hours, and can also pick up your dry cleaning from the nearby shop when you’re running late for an event. Pidge does all this while providing customised logistics solutions to your favorite premium brands and small entrepreneurs in the city, and helping them expand and reach their full potential.

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