Explore how Pidge helped The Big Chill thrive in online delivery, doubling their orders.

The Big Chill Story

It all began in Rwanda where Aseem Grover and Fawzia Ahmed met, fell in love and decided to get married. Their desire to start something of their own, and love for desserts was how The Big Chill was born. Initially offering hand-made, artisanal Ice-cream and premium Desserts, today the brand has evolved into an Italian-cuisine based trattoria-style café that is known for its eye-catching ambience, comfort and warmth and of course, unforgettable soul food.

But when the pandemic came and in-outlet dining came to a standstill, they had no choice but to withdraw offline services and pivot online. They urgently needed a partner who could understand the ethos and quality standards of The Big Chill and could ensure the same in the customer’s delivery experience.

Find out how The Big Chill, with the right delivery partner, actually increased online orders by 100% in 2 years.

What Were The Obstacles Thawing The Big Chill‘s Growth?

A routing software to manage last mile logistics kept the team ahead of the competition but its limitations also became the biggest reason for impeding their growth:

#1 Zero Delivery Experience

For a business that did not have existing delivery or online operations to pivot on, The Big Chill was caught on a back foot and was unable to capitalize on the huge market demand.

#2 Lack of an SLA-adhering Partner

Aseem was not willing to give sub-par experience to customers getting home deliveries. He explored many delivery providers, but he was unable to find one who would give him strict control on SLAs and full control on deliveries.

#3 Need of Radius-Free deliveries

Fawzia and Aseem were unable to find a reliable partner who could do radius-free deliveries across Delhi NCR.


How did Pidge Create the Gold Standard Of Deliveries For 

The Big Chill?


#1 Ease of Order Management

With Pidge, it became very easy for Aseem and his team to aggregate demand from various channels and collate it under a single platform. This helped them assess the total volume of daily demand and manage their fleet accordingly.

#2 Consistent on-time Deliveries

With a centralized Pidge dashboard, the Big Chill team was able to automate their rider allocation, so that every order received was assigned to a rider within 60 seconds. This helped ensure that orders were picked up by the riders within 15-23 mins so that the food reached the customers on time.

#3 Effective Customer Communication

When a rider picked up their order, the customer received real-time notifications on the status of the order and the expected time of delivery, which resulted in higher customer satisfaction.

#4 Higher Control on Real-time Delivery

With Pidge, The Big Chill had real-time customer support which allowed them to resolve any rider or customer queries quickly, and minimise escalations.


The Pidge Impact, The Big chill numbers do the talking…

The Big Chill has remained- and will remain- the favourite go-to place for the youth and kids alike. Pidge is privileged to be their partner in making sure that when customers’ crave for some yummy, comfort food or decadent desserts, The Big Chill delivers by the spades!

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