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AI-Driven Route Optimization

Make every route the smartest route.

Discover the power of artificial intelligence as it optimizes your delivery routes, helping you deliver more in less time and cost.

What is AI-Powered Route Optimization?

Pidge's trademarked AI-driven route recommendation tech, Multiple optimization route recommendation engine (MORRE), takes route planning and delivery management to unprecedented levels of efficiency.
It works by analyzing multiple parameters such as order location, traffic data, delivery time windows, and historical patterns to identify the most efficient delivery routes to deliver your orders. The result?

Optimized Routes

AI-powered algorithms create the most efficient delivery routes based on factors likes order destinations, traffic conditions, and delivery windows.

Minimized Fuel Costs

Using the most efficient routes allows for more accurate and timely deliveries, and improve overall delivery performance

Enhanced Delivery Ops

Using the most optimized routes allows for more accurate and timely deliveries, and improve overall delivery performance.

Enduring Sustainability

Reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions allow for sustainable and eco-friendly delivery operations.


Real-Time Adaptation

The feature continually monitors real-time traffic and road conditions, adjusting routes dynamically to account for things like traffic jams, rains, road construction or other such unexpected obstacles or changes. 

Multi-Stop Optimization

MORRE is designed to handle multi-stop routes, and deliveries with multiple drop-offs while still ensuring route optimization. 

Industries growing their business with AI-Powered Route Optimization

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