Learn how 2 young, enterprising founders of a Hyperlocal Delivery company used technology to drive growth.

The Story of Riding Rangers

Riya and Anchit, two young co-founders in their 20s, started Riding Rangers, a hyper-local delivery service during the COVID years. They saw how old people and students struggled to go out and purchase things because they couldn’t drive or didn’t have a vehicle. As youngsters Riya and Anchit faced many challenges in getting this venture off the ground, but with the trust and support from their parents, they are now the proud co-founders of a thriving delivery business.

As order numbers multiplied, Riding Ranges’ delivery operations struggled to keep up. Their Excel-based system was too complex and inefficient to manage the entire process, from order collection to rider tracking to delivery completion. This resulted in limited reach, ineffective rider management and suboptimal delivery routes. Riding Riders needed a user-friendly solution to address their operational challenges and help their clients offer efficient deliveries to their end-customers.

What challenges did riding rangers faced in managing last-Mile



#1 Inability to track shipments

Once the orders were dispatched, neither Riding Rangers nor their customers could track the shipments. Therefore, the Riding Rangers team could not take any corrective action when orders got delayed, or riders faced other problems on the ground.

#2 Lack of accuracy in rider payouts

Since distance travelled was manually recorded from the odometer, reimbursement discussions were a weekly feature and took a lot of time to mutually agree and close.

#3 challenges in managing cOD collections

For cash payment orders, riders would collect the money from the end customer, but the reconciliation process with the Ops team was done a few days later. As there were no proper records for how much money was still ‘uncollected’ in the market or which rider had how much cash pending with him, Riding Rangers suffered a big loss in managing cash reconciliations.

#4 Weak mechanism for customer communication

Customer communication on orders collections, dispatches and deliveries was done via WhatsApp groups, which worked till there were a limited number of customers. Now that customers had increased, this approach was neither scalable nor efficient.

#5 Unable to scale up business 

All these issues collectively increased the strain on Riding Rangers’ operational efficiency.  Because of all their past experience with unethical practices by riders, Riya and Anchit were very reluctant to take COD orders moving forward, which affected the number of clients they could onboard.

How did Pidge Help riding rangers transform their delivery 



The Pidge team understood their requirements and was able to help them tackle all problems through the Pidge app.

#1 Automated Cash management

With the Pidge Cash Management module, Riya and Anchit are now able to get answers to all their questions- Was cash collected for an order or not? How much was handed over for each delivery? What is ageing of the particular shipment, or in other words, how many days the amount has been with a particular rider? This has empowered them with complete transparency on what is daily cash risk, and which specific riders.

#2 Scientifically Calculated Rider Payouts

The Pidge algorithm uses satellite data to calculate distance travelled and the eventual payouts. Since both the rider and the Riding Ranger team can see the distance travelled in real time, there is no scope for confusion or errors.

#3 Live Tracking Of All Shipments

Riya and Anchit’s team now gets real-time access to a live delivery map, offering a comprehensive view of all deliveries in progress. The seamless integration of proof-of-pickup and proof-of-delivery operations has brought about a remarkable enhancement in their route optimization capabilities. The Pidge solution has also helped them get precise ETA predictions and mapping of delivery points, greatly amplifying their delivery efficiency.

#4 Real time tracking for clients

Businesses who use Riding Rangers for their hyper local deliveries in Delhi NCR can now track their orders using the ‘child dashboard’. This mini dashboard is synchronised with the main dashboard accessed by the Riding Rangers’ team, so all updates can be seen by the clients in real time. This has resulted in reducing calls to customer support, and has increased the delivery experience for their end-customers.



The Pidge Impact, Riding Rangers numbers do the talking…

Thanks to Pidge, Riding Rangers has seen outstanding improvements. Customer satisfaction has soared by 30%, while 15% more new customers have flocked to our services. These results highlight the exceptional growth and efficiency gains we’ve experienced with Pidge on board.

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