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It’s 7 in the evening and a cosmetic store has just received an express order for an eye liner on their website from Naina, a 23 year old customer in Saket, Delhi. Naina needs to go for a party in the evening, and is expecting to get that delivery within a few hours. But that retail store closes at 6PM, and the Delivery Executive can only pick it up from the store on the next day when it reopens. Naina is disappointed. Is there any other way of delivering the eye liner to Naina on the same-day?

Meanwhile, Rajender had picked up some chocolates from Shruti’s favorite chocolatier in Noida & was attempting to deliver it to her place in South Delhi. On reaching her place, Rajender saw that the gate was locked and nobody was at home. Shruti called the Delivery Executive and asked him to deliver it again in an hour when she’s back home. Dropping the chocolates again to the store in Noida will be too time consuming and carrying it with him might lead to spoiling them. Rajender is unsure of what to do. Is there an easier way to reattempt the delivery in an hour in the best condition?

While this is happening, a footwear brand from Haryana wants to create an online business presence across Delhi-NCR, but does not have the required infrastructure to store and distribute inventory from in the region. Karan, the business owner, is looking for a last-mile logistics service that can store their products, and deliver those to the customers automatically when they place an order on their website. They want a reliable, radius-free and same-day delivery service which offers transient storage. Karan is not sure if that’s possible.

These are all real life scenarios that are usually faced by customers, businesses and delivery executives in the field. At Pidge, we understand the pain points of our customers and employees and implement their feedback in our operations. Pidge came up with an innovative solution to solve all these problems, and that’s exactly what we did with our new sub brand: Pidge House. 


Introducing our new micro-fulfilment centres: Pidge House 

With this expansion, our business partners now get a cumulative storage capacity of more than 10,000 cubic feet. Launched at strategic locations, these micro-fulfilment centres will offer transient warehousing facilities to ensure faster and more seamless same-day fulfilment across all of Delhi-NCR. Along with enabling faster e-commerce deliveries, these one-of-a-kind facilities will also have the provision of storing perishable items such as chocolates, fresh fruits and vegetables to support Pidge’s unique temperature-controlled deliveries.

“Consumption behaviors are changing, two specific needs are ‘now’ and ‘safe,” said Ratnesh Verma, The Founder of Pidge. Pidge House addresses all the obstacles faced by businesses on a day-to-day basis, and helps them achieve a competitive edge by offering numerous benefits.

Shorter lead times

Speed has now become the new pillar of product differentiation. Last mile logistics has become the battleground for getting that edge & differentiation. Online sellers are constantly under the pressure to increase their click-to-door speed. With strategically located inventory in Pidge House facilities close to where the customer lives, orders can be routed more efficiently and quickly.


Flexibility of first dispatch

Hyperlocal placement of products allows businesses, e-commerce or retail, to quickly dispatch an order from the Pidge House closest to the customer, without getting delayed due to the faraway store location and timings. The Delivery Executive can straightaway pick it up from the warehouse and deliver it to the customer.


Effective management of returns & reattempts

Monitoring and improving the returns management process can prove to be a major contributor in boosting the online reputation and building customer loyalty for an e-commerce business. Pidge House facilitates easier management of returns, while our proprietary tracking mechanism offers complete real-time visibility to the package to all the stakeholders.


Lower delivery cost

These small spaces located at strategic locations, ultimately lead to bigger wins for businesses. They help retail stores in creating a more competitive environment by increasing their shelf space. These micro-fulfilment centres help in making the e-commerce delivery solutions more agile. The reduced transportation time and distance along with all these things increase revenue and reduce last-mile delivery costs.

We’re currently fulfilling over 250,000 orders a month from these centres across Delhi-NCR and this number will keep growing as our storage capacity increases multi-fold. Condensing his experience with Pidge, Gaurav Agarwal, the Director of beauty care brand NatHabit says,

“Pidge has really helped in making same-day deliveries smooth and seamless for our direct orders. Now that their micro-fulfilment centres are open, I am sure we can achieve even shorter lead times and make our customers even happier!”

Sandeep Kumar Tiwari, the AGM of  Warehouse and Logistics at Kama Ayurveda also shared his experience and says,

“Ever since we’ve started working with Pidge, customer satisfaction has significantly improved – thanks to the well-behaved Delivery Executives and strong adherence to same-day delivery timelines. We’re excited to work with a partner who is constantly focused on making our customers happier, and we are sure that with their growth and their new warehouses, we will be able to do even more to delight our customers.”

To know more about how Pidge House helps your business grow, watch this video:

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