Pidge: The First Step Towards On-Demand Economy 2.0

First Step Towards On-Demand Economy 2.0

In today’s day and age, nobody has the time to travel across large distances just to pick up or deliver things. This has given a boost to the on-demand economy in India. However, the solution to this mobility handicap brought with itself some other limitations, such as the lack of freedom of choice to the consumer as well as reduced consumer satisfaction. For instance, in case of food delivery, the consumer is forced to order only from the restaurants that are listed on the platform of the service provider, and are within the serviceable area. As the on-demand delivery industry has become an increasing part of our lives, so have incidents of unsealed packages, tampered goods, and indecent behavior by delivery personnel. Pidge asks a simple question in its vision – why should convenience and reliability be at odds with each other?

During the ideation phase of Pidge, we were aware of a clear white space that existed between the traditional logistics and courier companies, and the new-age, on-demand delivery services. The former may be secure and reliable but does not cater to the immediate needs of the customer, while the latter may offer immediate service through its web-based or app-based platform, but is liable to encounter reliability issues. Pidge was thoughtfully found to cover this white space through its instant, reliable and secure delivery and courier service.

Consumer service-at the heart of everything we do!

We, at Pidge, believe in providing the consumer with a holistic experience and not a mere service, and thus have embodied it in every aspect of our business. We’re determined to go where the customer wants us to go and deliver what the customer wants us to deliver, instantly and without any radius restrictions based on kilometers.

Whether you want us to pick up a saree from your house in South Delhi and deliver it to your office in Gurugram, or you want a delicious cake from a bakery located far away from your house, delivered at your doorstep; Pidge can do it all!

With the help of our trusted riders, we ensure “Pidge guarantee” i.e. to pick up each order within sixty minutes from when it is placed, failing which we give the customer their money back. Our riders are carefully hired as full time-employees, only after going through an extensive background check. All the riders are then trained by our in-house experts, to conduct each delivery in a prescribed standard, to maximize consumer delight.

To be a truly reliable and trustworthy service, we need to value your goods as preciously as you do. At Pidge, your goods are as precious to us as to you, and thus we handle them with utmost care and diligence. Our proprietary security system ensures safety of each transaction at three levels; digital security, physical and process security as well as transfer security. Every customer has to necessarily be provided with a high quality tamper proof bag by our rider at the time of pickup. The goods are to be packed in this bag by the consumer himself and handed over to the rider for further delivery.

Pidge doesn’t require any minimum orders or guarantee. In fact, with volume-based discounting, transparent and distance-based pricing, Pidge offers a value proposition even to small businesses or home entrepreneurs, who are looking for a secure and trustworthy delivery partner for their products, with no hidden commissions whatsoever.

Vying for trust, above everything else

Pidge aims to occupy the white space between the traditional logistics and courier companies and the more recent on-demand delivery service providers. Thus, we are competing with business players at both ends of the spectrum.

Be that as it may, when it comes to direct competition, we are trying to replace anybody that the customer currently trusts to be able to move things that are of value to them. The things may be of emotional or material value. In this way, our direct competitors include the customer’s trusted employees, or family members, or any other person whom he/she currently relies upon to solve the mobility problem.

Overcoming the roadblocks

The initial phase of our operations posed some challenges. To hire quality riders that could deliver the customer experience, as well as maintain the standard that Pidge stands for, was one of them. “It’s easier to get accepted into Harvard than at Pidge,” is a joke which can normally be heard within the company. After all, our current acceptance rate for riders is a little under 1%.

With Pidge, we have always been motivated to build a delivery service which provides flexibility of usage to the consumer, along with elasticity of time and geographical area. Keeping this ideology at the forefront of our operations, and bringing a change in the mindset as well as the limited expectations of customers, presented another challenge. We didn’t want to force anything on the consumers; rather let them use our services and witness the difference themselves. As a result, our customer base has grown in a gradual way, and our biggest retention has been an outcome of usage.

Pidge has, over a period of time, been able to overcome these obstacles by creating a reputation for itself. We are now known as a brand that delivers consumer service with convenience, along with having the choicest and the best trained riders. We take pride in the fact that people have started recognizing us for our training and our operating model. The result is that with each passing day, we have more and more people wanting to hire our services and get associated with us, either as business partners or as employees.

Welcome aboard!

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