Our Response to Covid-19

Our Response to Covid-19

Pidge has, since its inception, adhered to high standards of hygiene and security. We have been able to prove it through our diligent and swift response in coping with the current pandemic. Being categorized as an essential service by the government, we duly recognize the additional responsibility that is cast upon us, and continue to make unwavering efforts to serve our customers in a safe and secure manner. All of our delivery executives work with us full-time, and are trained about various aspects of personal hygiene from their very first day at Pidge. This has made it easier for us to guide them as well as monitor their actions while they’re on-duty.


Essential Hygiene Practices

Pidge has been earnestly following the guidelines issued by WHO to ensure safety of our customers as well as riders. Immediately after India had noted the first positive case of Coronavirus, which was much before the lockdown, we had provided hygiene inventory to all our delivery executives. All of them were then trained to adhere to the six essential hygiene practices, which are as follows:

  1. Wearing face masks at all times.
  2. Properly washing and sanitizing their hands before and after every delivery/pickup.
  3. Sanitizing the package, before and after receiving it or giving it to the customer.
  4. Sanitizing their Pidge storage box frequently.
  5. Exemption of the requirement of customer’s signature on the Pidge declaration form.
  6. Informing and assuring the customer about the required safety measures being undertaken by us, if any doubts arise.


Pidge has started doing contact-less deliveries, to avoid any interaction between the customer and the delivery executive. We have temporarily put a stop to our cash-on-delivery services due to the possibility of currency notes acting as carriers of the Coronavirus. Our tamper proof bag, though not specific to the current pandemic, also acts as a safety net for the customer’s package, and prevents it from getting contaminated. Safety has always been our top most priority, but this pandemic has increased its value in the mind of the customer.


Concern Towards Society

The volume of orders placed with Pidge has increased tremendously during the lockdown period. Our team members have been effectively managing Pidge’s operations in spite of working from their respective homes. However, we recognize that only performing our usual services in this difficult time is not enough. So, in order to donate food to the impoverished section of society, Pidge has joined forces with some of its business partners, namely Me:ette Delhi, Blue Tokai Coffee and Suchali’s Artisan Bakehouse. Our delivery executives manage to make 300-500 deliveries of food boxes every day in some areas of the South Delhi region, with assistance from the local police authorities.

Pidge is also supporting Pure Hearts, an NGO which is currently working to provide livelihood along with dignity to people living in the slum areas, in and around Delhi. Our delivery executives assist in transporting and delivering the orders of cloth masks, which are produced by the people living in such areas, under an initiative named, Tailors of Bastis. All these face masks are prepared as per the safety guidelines issued by the government with respect to Covid-19, and under the supervision of designers and volunteers. Pidge has been doing its utmost in order to empower the distressed in these trying times, and will continue to do so.


Thank You, Team!

An extremely important factor behind Pidge’s effective response to the current pandemic is the exceptional commitment of our delivery executives, who continue to show up for duty in full strength, despite all the adversities. As a result of going through Pidge’s initial training process, it was easier for them to understand the newly adopted hygiene measures, which they now follow stringently. Our delivery executives also exhibit a certain level of confidence in us due to our dedication towards ensuring their well being. This, in turn, enables them to perform their duty fearlessly.

A feeling of serving a higher purpose also acts as a motivating factor for our employees. After all, they are helping people stay safe in this time by undertaking a huge health risk themselves. “I feel proud that despite being a delivery boy, I’m able to serve my country,” said Jaikant, who’s one of our delivery executives. We extend our gratitude towards all our delivery executives, who keep us going even in such trying times.

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