Addressing Unique Last-Mile Needs for Local Businesses with Pidge

Pidge for Local

The real social welfare of a country is usually driven by its local communities. The true catalysts of a country’s growth are its local businesses. It is these local businesses, who later turn into powerful mega corporations, and play a major role in building the national as well as the world economy. If we consider the example of Japan’s reconstruction after World War II, or the revival of American economy after the Great Depression, entrepreneurs have had an indispensable role to play in the economic upswing. At Pidge, we truly believe that the next wave of Indian growth story will be driven by the local entrepreneurial spirit. This growth will not remain limited to Tier I cities alone, but also reach the Tier II and Tier III cities. It can only be possible with significant support of the government and public at large.


Recognizing a unique need


Pidge has always functioned as per the needs and wants of its customers. After all, any business that fulfills its own need instead of catering to the need of customers, cannot survive in the market for long. Realising a unique set of needs for the local businesses has been fundamental to our operations. As is evidently seen, the large corporations rarely have to think about their last mile logistical services. They have enough resources either to have a logistics department of their own, or to hire the best solutions that are available. They can easily establish a link with the customer sitting at home, and in turn, expand their business even more.

In the context of Indian economy, there are several businesses operating in the hyper local space, such as the local kiryana stores. They are essentially serving in their immediate locality, and might not have the aspirations to scale up to serve the entire city. Somewhere between these two types, lie the local entrepreneurs and the small enterprises, which have a desire to reach more customers, but can’t possibly do so. It can be due to the lack of resources to start their own logistics unit. Other solutions available to them turn out to be unaffordable, due to the high costs, or the hefty commissions that they’re asked to pay.

There are some other last mile solutions available in the market, which may seem economical at first. But once the local entrepreneurs start using it, they tend to lose their independence, along with reduced control over their brand identity. They are forced to compromise on their brand recognition, and the creation of brand loyalty. The result is that the local entrepreneurs or the small corporations are ultimately forced to give up on their aspirations and settle with the limited reach of their products. This important and unique need of theirs is overlooked by many.


True representation of your brand


Pidge has been trying to fulfill this very need through its services. We understand the pain points of the local businesses, and aim to solve those by providing a reliable, safe and secure delivery service at their disposal. We believe in truly representing our customers as they want, with each and every order that they place with us. Pidge’s characteristics like customised handling of each package and transparent pricing, without levying any commission, help us in doing that. We believe in bringing the control of your business back to you!

This need is not limited to just Delhi NCR, where we’re currently servicing. It’s rather prevalent across cities in India. Even when Pidge expands in other cities, our focus will not move away from the local entrepreneurs and the micro, small and medium enterprises. We will continue our efforts towards helping them grow in a rapid and sustainable manner. As your business grows, so does Pidge!

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