Explore how Pidge revolutionized Crave By Leena’s deliveries, enhancing efficiency, and improving customer experience.

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The Crave by Leena Story

When indulgence and celebration come together, there’s one essential element that completes the occasion – cake! And what better occasion could there be than “India landing on the moon”!

Yes…. Recently, Leena designed a vegan cake (in association with PETA) for ISRO on the successful moon-landing of Chandrayaan 3! Let’s hear Leena Mathai’s story of sweet success…

Leena’s Vegan Cake journey began in Bangalore in 2014, when she decided to raise her first child, vegan. Realising that it was almost impossible to find vegan desserts in Bengaluru, despite there being a burgeoning demand for sugar-free, plant-based, guilt-free delights, she decided to take the plunge and address this gap herself.

Leena’s culinary prowess quickly earned her an army of devoted patrons from every nook and cranny of Bangalore. However, as her popularity soared, so did the delivery challenges and Leena found herself grappling with timely deliveries.

What was causing Crave by Leena‘s last mile operations to crumble?

A routing software to manage last mile logistics kept the team ahead of the competition but its limitations also became the biggest reason for impeding their growth:

#1 High Service Cost

Crave by Leena had a subscription based solution, which ran into lakhs. Coupled with manually managed rider payouts, the operational costs were going through the roof.

#2 Inability to live-track deliveries

Their existing solution gave them real-time updates only on order dispatch and delivery. However, neither the operations team nor the customers had any eyes on the orders on the route, nor did they know if the orders were getting delayed.

#3 Existing Solution was complicated

The complicated UI/UX of their existing app was becoming a big reason for reduced efficiency of the riders who were spending considerable time just navigating through various screens, which directly meant reduced adoption.

#4 Lack of Performance Analytics

Leena had no way of knowing efficiency leaks or discovering better routes, as no real-time analytics or dashboards were available on their existing solution.

#5 No real-time support

Having a service team based outside India, queries or escalations did not find real-time resolutions.

How did Pidge make Crave by Leena‘s Deliveries a piece of cake?

After running the pilot for a week, Leena’s team felt empowered as they had visibility and analytics for all active riders and orders. They immediately decided to launch Pidge across all their service delivery locations.

Here are a few ways that Pidge brought in tangible, impactful changes to their delivery operations :

#1 Transparent & Validated Rider Pay outs

The ‘subscription model’ of their previous platform had high fixed costs. Pidge, being a ‘transaction based model’, the costs initiated only when actual revenue kicked in.

Another huge cost-saving was in Rider payout calculations. Earlier the riders would manually record their kilometers which could not be verified. Now those calculations are totally automated along with live tracking of orders.

#2 Added Flexibility in Ecommerce integrations

Earlier, customers placing an order on ecommerce platforms, would receive a system-defined date and time of delivery. Managing any date & time change requests from customers was cumbersome due to multiple manual updates -at the backend, and on the Pidge dashboard.

Stage #1 

To offer customers the freedom to pick dynamic delivery time slots, Pidge created a temporary ‘EDIT’ button in the Pidge dashboard. This enabled the team to synchronise the order changes for last mile deliveries with just a few clicks.

Stage #2 

As a permanent feature, Pidge designed an ‘AUTO-EDIT’ capability, which allowed changes in the ecommerce orders to automatically get reflected on the Pidge dashboard. Both the customizations were delivered within 10 days of the requisition.

#3 Custom Routes for Better Rider Utilisation

Using the Pidge platform’s AI solutions, the Crave team is now able to generate most optimal routes based on their rider availability.

#4 Live Order Visibility for Stronger Customer Experience

Live Tracking feature gives full visibility through the entire delivery process. Customers can track their orders in real-time, request for a call-back and even give real time feedback on their delivery experience.

#5 Easy UI/UX for 100% Rider Adoption

The Pidge rider app is extremely easy to use. All action buttons are colour coded making it totally ‘fool proof’. Orders are auto-synced on the dashboard, rider app and the customer app, thus maintaining complete transparency on the status of any order.

#6 Drilled Down Intelligence to Enable Tactical Decisions

Pidge dashboard creates reports and analytics for the businesses. Using this intelligence, especially on delivery SLAs,  the Crave team has been able to significantly improve their rider performance and delivery efficiency.

For example, based on the calculated average of 6.4 daily orders, the team discovered that only 26% of their riders were consistently achieving this productivity threshold. This helped them identify initiatives to help others in the team to achieve similar targets.


The Pidge Impact, Crave by Leena numbers do the talking…

As Crave by Leena steadily grows its tribe of vegan-loving, dessert-obsessed customers, Pidge continues to deliver exceptional logistics solutions for every business need.

Looking to take your business to the next level?

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