Choosing the Best Food Delivery Service for Your Cloud Kitchen

food delivery service in Delhi-NCR

The pandemic has facilitated an exponential growth for the already emerging sector of cloud kitchen in the country. As many restaurateurs look for new and innovative ways of expanding their business, cloud kitchens offer an easy way to increase sales volumes without incurring huge staff expenses or changing physical location. According to a study conducted by DataLabs by Inc42, the food ordering market in India is expanding at a CAGR of 16 percent, and is expected to reach $17billion by 2023. The market size of a cloud kitchen is expected to reach $1.05 billion by 2023. Evidently, more and more people are investing in cloud kitchens to cash in on the opportunity. 

However,  to run a successful cloud kitchen business, it is important to have a strong brand presence and delivery offering that can be leveraged in multiple areas without any restrictions and compromises on quality. Naturally, the key to make your cloud kitchen operation more effective is having a food delivery service provider that offers an exceptional at-door experience to your customers and sets you apart from the competition. 

In this article, we will take you through some key factors and trends that you must keep in mind before choosing a food delivery service in Delhi-NCR.

1. Look for a seamless, scalable and reliable tech integration

The success or failure of your online kitchen is entirely dependent on your online order placing processes and how seamless the data is transferred between you, your staff, your food delivery service and the customer. Time is of essence in a cloud kitchen operation and direct integration and data pass through from your point of sales can reduce your hassle. 

Looking for a delivery partner that offers a high degree of tech integration is a must. Pidge is one such food delivery service provider. Our tech-enabled logistics solutions allow integration with major points of sale and order placement platforms. Our open API structure also offers a quick & consistent data pass through.

2. Choose adaptive pricing over order-based commissions

Food aggregator platforms usually charge approximately 18-30% of your revenue per order. Some food-tech companies may also charge a one-time integration fee. You may not be able to sustain your business with these in the long run. 

You can avoid this by choosing a delivery partner that has an adaptive pricing structure instead. Pidge is one such food delivery service in Delhi-NCR where you can pay according to a transparent and adaptive pricing structure most suitable to you, without any hidden charges or order-based commissions.

3. Demand special care for delicate products

Ensure that your food delivery service provides customised solutions for different food products depending upon the fragility of each. The food must reach the customer in its best and most pristine condition. There should be no compromise on the freshness, texture and integrity of your product in transit.

You can also try out Pidge’s innovative temperature-controlled food delivery solutions for safe and secure delivery of your food in frozen, chilled or ambient conditions.

4. Customers want speed and regular updates

The pickup and delivery SLAs can make or break your cloud kitchen business. As people spend more time at home due to the pandemic, they want faster deliveries and the ability to track their orders at all times. Satisfying this need for speed and information can give an edge to your business.

Don’t forget to conduct a market research on all the food delivery service options available to you before finalising one for your business. Our recommendation would be to check Pidge’s own food delivery solutions in Delhi-NCR. Our riders can pick up your package within 30 minutes of order placement and deliver it instantly. Pidge’s proprietary tracking mechanism allows all the stakeholders to track the packages in real time.

5. Create an independent brand value

Listing your cloud kitchen on a food aggregator platform or marketplace might help in increasing your sales volume in the short run. However, it might not benefit if you’re thinking of building a loyal customer base for the long run. To create your own brand value in the minds of the customers, you need to have an independent order placing platform. Another key to creating your own brand identity is partnering with a food delivery service provider that truly represents your brand at the customer’s doorstep and does not interfere with your operations.

The aggregator model rarely allows businesses to fully access their own customer data or build targeted strategies to drive repeat sales. Look for a food delivery partner that does not take away the control of your sales. This way, you can get analytics on your orders and undertake efficient CRM.

6. Impress customers with at-door experience

Your only touch point with the customer is through your food delivery service provider. Make sure that the at-door delivery experience is exceptional. At-door experience consists of several factors such as professional and polite delivery executives, addressing customer’s queries patiently and making sure that the food is delivered in the best condition.

A brilliant at-door experience contributes to customer satisfaction and drives repeat sales. This increases your revenue and decreases your unit fixed cost to give you a better economy on scale. Evidently, a delightful at-door experience helps in keeping your brand experience intact while increasing your profitability and ROI. The exceptional at-door experience provided by exclusively trained delivery executives of Pidge is a perfect example. 

7. Think big, go radius-free

Majority of food aggregator platforms and delivery services reduce your delivery area by limiting your deliveries to a radius of 3-5kms. This in turn reduces your scope of expansion in the city. A food delivery service that helps you deliver without any radius-restrictions is the key to unlimited expansion and growth. Pidge’s radius-free logistics solutions allow you to deliver anywhere across Delhi-NCR without any radius restrictions. 
Cloud kitchens are here to stay and will only evolve in the coming time. However, it is important to stay on your toes and partner with a food delivery service that will help you build a competitive edge. Employ these tips to choose the best delivery partner for your business, and let us know how they worked for you. Also check out our unique food delivery solutions in Delhi-NCR available for your business on the official website of Pidge. You can also get in touch with us through phone.

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