Reduced Costs Better Business

tracking & Alerts

Save cost and time with automation

Pidge’s proprietary tracking technology, real-time alerts and advanced geo-coding features create unparalleled efficiency on field, and maximize first-time delivery success.

Reduced Cost, Better Business

How does Pidge help enable your business?

Track riders and orders - live!

Track orders from start to finish to get real-time insight into where your order is and who's delivering it. Communicate with delivery executives, monitor vehicles in real-time, and manage exceptions quickly.

Control all exceptions with automated alerts

Take quick actions on system generated alerts for fake attempts, delivery failures, rider idling and geo-fencing breaches. Safe guard your business with customizable alerts setup.

Optimize deliveries with intelligent cost-saving technology

Automated & manual delivery sequencing gives you freedom to prioritize deliveries and optimize your costs. Pidge’s single click auto sequencing algorithm saves you cost for all your deliveries.

Risk-free COD, Remittance and Payouts

Real-time updates of all floating cash on ground. Set cash carry limits. Get full visibility on all cash flows. Reward rider performances with multiple payouts.

Create unparalleled efficiency on field

Customizable Business Zones

Define zones to optimize fleet efficiency, manage addresses and hubs. Not serviceable in an area? Tap into Pidge’s vast network of order fulfillment partners outside your business zone.

Powerful AI-Routing

Fulfilling orders with your own fleet allows you to choose which order gets delivered in which sequence. No idea about routes? Pidge’s AI powered Auto-Routing saves cost and time.

Auto Rider Incentives & Management

Motivate your fleet with customizable performance and incentive options. Automatic payout management lets you focus less on paperwork and more on growth.