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How to track a Rider?

Open the Roster & Attendance page from the Riders tab in the sidebar. On this page, click Create Roster button on top right to create roster.

Steps to Create a New Rider

  1. To create a roster, go to Riders Tab > Roster and Attendance. In this page you can see “Create Roster” tab on top right.
  2. In this pop up you can Track your rider and see other details like his login time, roster, etc.

You might want to know:

  1. Go to Riders Tab > My Riders > Click on Rider Name (ID) > Click on tracking icon , in the pop up you will see Roster & Attendance.
  2. Or On Roster page, under Login time tab you can see riders login time.
  1. To see Riders > My Riders page, click on Rider Name (ID)
  2. On the performance page, you can see Number of Hours worked, total orders done and total distance traveled. By default this information is for past 7 days.
  1. To see rider’s outstanding amount, go to Riders Tab > My Riders > Rider Name(ID), on the performance page, you can see outstanding amounts against that specific rider.
  2. Click there to see rider’s detailed cash overview.
  1. See volume of the bag rider is carrying either by 
    Riders Tab > My Riders > Rider Name(ID), on the performance page, you can see the volume bag rider has.
  2. Search that rider by the search button on the top left corner. A pop up will open, where you can see the volume of the bag. 
  1. You can see rider’s speed by clicking on Rider Name(ID) in My Riders Tab > on the performance page > click on the tracking icon.
  2. On this pop up you can see rider’s speed at the left bottom in map.
  1. Go to Riders > My Riders, you can filter your riders by clicking on filter button on top right.
  2. You can search by:
    a.  Shift time,
    b.  Shift hub,
    c.  Logged In status,
    d.  Active status,
    e.  Outstanding amount against rider if any and,
    f.  Home zone of the rider