Zero Unfulfilled Demand


Your All-in-One Order Manager

Integrate orders from all your online business platforms, dispatch through network fulfillment, or self-ship all from a single dashboard.

Zero Unfulfilled Demand

How is every order fulfilled?

Multi-channel orders
in a single glance

Get real-time updates when a new order lands on your preferred sales channels like Shopify, Woocommerce, Dotpe and many more. Pidge’s multi-channel integration allows you to manage a variety of orders with ease and full visibility.

Easy to create single and bulk orders

Got a handful of orders and some extra time? Pidge’s interface allows you to manually create your orders with accuracy on mobile and web. Bulk orders? Upload sheets and interactively manage changes in just a few clicks.

Dispatch with India’s Best Fulfillment Networks

Tap into Pidge’s vast network of order fulfillment partners affiliated with the Pidge Delivery Network. Choose your ideal fulfillment partner on the basis of real time delivery rates and expected delivery time.

Take control of deliveries with your own fleet

Utilize your fleet to fulfill your orders, create and manage your own routes on your own terms. Take control of the entire order fulfillment journey.

Leave no order unfulfilled or delayed

Manage Orders

Last minute address change or customer cancelled the order? Pidge allows you to edit and cancel even your integrated channel orders.

Powerful AI-Routing

Fulfilling orders with your own fleet allows you to choose which order gets delivered in which sequence. No idea about routes? Pidge’s AI powered Auto-Routing saves cost and time.

Schedule for Later

Clear out your pending order list by dispatching them for later. With Pidge you can choose when an order will get picked up by the delivery network.