Deliver faster with fewer executives

Make last-mile magic happen with automated and decentralized fleet management. From allocation to delivery to incentives, Pidge creates an automated and customizable experience.

Experience fast and better logistics with Pidge LaMS

Automatic Available Rider Allocation

Take your business on-the-go with Pidge. Place orders across all of Delhi-NCR with options for single orders, multiple stops, and bulk order uploads

Customizable vehicles and routing

Bulk deliveries? Single items? Pidge can route for all kinds of vehicles, including for any number of hybrid vehicles as well. Use fleet for only 1 location, or allow for free movement between various hubs.

Automated rider incentives and management

Motivate your fleet with customizable performance and incentive options. Automatic payout management lets you focus less on paperwork and more on growth

Do more than just fast deliveries

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