Exceptional Customer Experience

communication & Notifications

Build trust with effective communication

Deliver confidence to your customer even before their order reaches them. Custom communications and advanced end-user tracking keep the delivery journey on track, every time.

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How to improve customer experience?

Define what, when and whom to communicate

Personalize messages for all your communications with customers, sellers and other stakeholders. Configure notifications and alerts with the ease of automation throughout the order journey.

Enable your customers with live order tracking

Give your customers a single source of truth to track their order status, check past history and update necessary order details - all on a single shareable link!

Track all orders on your fingertips

Improve your customer service experience with live tracking on all devices at all times.

Deliver confidence to your customer

Custom Message Setup

With custom messaging, you can customize the tone of your messages to best suit your needs. Select a preset message format that is most effective for your business goals.

Choose Message Frequency

Reduce the chances of unread and missed messages by triggering important order status messages multiple times.

Create Custom Audience

Communicating to a special group of customers? With custom audience creation, you can choose which group of customers get messages directed towards them.