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How Pidge Transformed Last-Mile Delivery for India’s Premier Hyperlocal Plant Marketplace

Urvann gets its name from combining the words ‘Urban’ and ‘Vann’ (forests). Their goal is to bring the essence of nature and forests to every urban home. Founded by alumni from IIM-Ahmedabad and ISB, Urvann stands as India’s pioneering hyperlocal marketplace for plants and gardening products. With a diverse selection of over 2000 products, Urvann itself is growing like a well-nurtured tree from the ground up. … Read More


Learn how a one-man delivery start-up used technology to scale up 10 times within 6 months!

Mukesh Rawat has over 4 years’ experience in last mile services. Having worked with renowned logistics companies, he understood the nuances and the importance of ensuring timely, intact deliveries to every doorstep. He also realised that there was immense untapped potential in the last mile delivery space, and more than enough room to zoom ahead with differentiated services, especially for orders where pick-up happens in the morning and delivery is done by EOD. … Read More

Learn how 2 young, enterprising founders of a Hyperlocal Delivery company used technology to drive growth.

Riya and Anchit, two young co-founders in their 20s, started Riding Rangers, a hyper-local delivery service during the COVID years. They saw how old people and students struggled to go out and purchase things because they couldn’t drive or didn’t have a vehicle. As youngsters Riya and Anchit faced many challenges in getting this venture off the ground, but with the trust and support from their parents, they are now the proud co-founders of a thriving delivery business. … Read More

Explore how Pidge helped The Big Chill thrive in online delivery, doubling their orders.

It all began in Rwanda where Aseem Grover and Fawzia Ahmed met, fell in love and decided to get married. Their desire to start something of their own, and love for desserts was how The Big Chill was born. Initially offering hand-made, artisanal Ice-cream and premium Desserts, today the brand has evolved into an Italian-cuisine based trattoria-style café that is known for its eye-catching ambience, comfort and warmth and of course, unforgettable soul food. … Read More

crave by leena

Explore how Pidge revolutionized Crave By Leena’s deliveries, enhancing efficiency, and improving customer experience.

When indulgence and celebration come together, there’s one essential element that completes the occasion – cake! And what better occasion could there be than “India landing on the moon”! Yes…. Recently, Leena designed a vegan cake (in association with PETA) for ISRO on the successful moon-landing of Chandrayaan 3! Let’s hear Leena Mathai’s story of sweet success… … Read More

Top 10 Logistics Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

Top 10 Logistics Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations   Modern businesses are incredibly smart. But with growing technology and demands, their operations have become complex, necessitating the deployment of equally intricate marketing networks known as logistic software. Logistic software comprises … Read More

Efficient Logistics Solutions: Your Full-Service logistics Provider

Efficient Logistics Solutions: Your Full-Service logistics Provider It is often advised to distribute your assets and locate them at different places, as positioning them at a single location might risk losing them altogether. However, this logic does not work with … Read More

Embrace Efficiency with Top-tier Delivery Software Solutions

Embrace Efficiency with Top-tier Delivery Software Solutions   In the rapid pace of the modern world, customer demand for faster delivery continues to grow. Shoppers are even ready to pay extra for options like one-hour delivery or same-day delivery. In … Read More

Fast Delivery Services

How Fast Deliveries Can Grow Your Business Success

How Fast Deliveries Can Grow Your Business Success Ordered that gorgeous sequinned dress from your favourite home brand, but sceptical if it will reach in time? We all have been there! This little stint from ordering to getting it delivered … Read More

Safe Space for Your Products | Pidge Secure Storage Solutions

It’s 7 in the evening and a cosmetic store has just received an express order for an eye liner on their website from Naina, a 23 year old customer in Saket, Delhi. Naina needs to go for a party in the evening, and is expecting … Read More