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Trace – IoT Intelligence

Pidge Trace
AI-powered, device-agnostic IoT solution

Real-time insights into vehicle movements, performance, idle time, and more, even without GPS.

How does Pidge Trace work?

At Pidge, we recognize that fleet management goes beyond mere logistics—it involves maintaining control, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring punctual deliveries. Trace, our cutting-edge IOT intelligence module was designed precisely to help businesses like yours achieve these metrics and revolutionize the way you track your fleet.

With Trace, you're not just tracking vehicles; you're managing your fleet with precision and foresight. It's more than a tracking solution; it's a fleet intelligence platform. Say goodbye to idle time, poor productivity, and operational uncertainties. Embrace the power of real-time insights with Trace.
Rider Productivity

Improved Rider Productivity

Cut down idle time with smarter tracking and improve efficiency

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Easier Traffic Management

Avoid penalties with real-time traffic and route data.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your service quality and customer experience.

Data Insights

Precise Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage insights for strategic planning and cost-saving.


Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Ensure absolute visibility into your fleet's live location and historical routes with our comprehensive real-time tracking feature.

Live Monitoring: Instantly track the location of each vehicle in real-time.
Historical Playback: Review past routes and locations with minute-by-minute playback.
Geofencing: Define virtual boundaries and receive alerts for entry and exit.

Performance Analytics

Optimize your fleet's efficiency by analyzing crucial metrics like driven kilometers, idle time, and average speed.

Driven Kilometers: Monitor the distance covered by each vehicle.
Idle Time Analysis: Track hours of idle time to optimize operational efficiency.
Average Speed: Assess the average speed of individual vehicles and the entire fleet.

Custom Alerts and Notifications

Stay ahead of potential issues with our real-time alerts, customizable to your specific operational needs.

Real-Time Deviation Alerts: Receive alerts for speeding, route deviations, or unexpected delays.
Exception Handling: Address on-the-ground issues promptly with real-time communication.
Configurable Alerts: Tailor alerts based on specific operational parameters for proactive management.

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I am now encouraged to promote my brand & gain more control over my business.

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Pidge has given us structure and ambition to grow beyond geographies.

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We were amazed by how perfect Pidge’s solution was for our operational challanges.

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Pidge's support during lockdown boosted our confidence to try something new after 20 years.

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Pidge has changed the way we work! The technology has helped us stay competitive.

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Pidge helped us increase customer satisfaction, client acquisition and operational efficiency.

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Pidge exceeded our expectations when it came to on-time deliveries with real-time updates.

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