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Deliver orders from any device

Access your dashboard seamlessly across web, mobile and tablet. Manage delivery executives and order related exceptions with easy-to-use apps.

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How to make the most of Pidge Product Suite?

Get it done with Pidge’s comprehensive dashboard

Access Orders, Fleet, Cash, Communications, Users and much more with easy web login dashboard. With all your tools, people and communications in one place, deliver faster than ever before.

Power-packed application

Never miss an order with Pidge’s feature packed, user friendly mobile app. Create and manage the end-to-end journey from all your mobile devices.

Pay only for the services you use

Our commitment free pay-as-you-go model makes sure you save before you pay. Resource charges are based on used services without any setup or installation costs.

Discover Pidge’s Product Suite

Warehouse Management App

Control of day-to-day operations seems challenging? Effectively manage transits, inwards, inventory aging and much more with our advanced easy-to-use mobile app.

Delivery Executive App

Pidge’s app for riders allow them to perform tasks with all delivery details, suggested routes and geo-fencing for fraud prevention. An effective way to communicate tasks to your riders.

Order Management App

Integrate orders from all your online business platforms, dispatch through network fulfillment, or self-ship all from your mobile app. Leave no order unfulfilled.