Pidge on Shopify: Reasons why you can’t skip this integration!



April 24, 2021

Pidge on ShopifyShopify is a tool that you can use to create an online store for your business in a quick and user-friendly manner. But your task list doesn’t end there! Many entrepreneurs and small businesses still struggle to organize their delivery data properly and end up wasting time, effort and money in unnecessary physical processes. Customers today want faster services. This means that businesses need to be even more agile. One way of doing this is integrating with a service that can automatically receive the order data from your Shopify store, and fulfill it on-time. That’s where Pidge comes in!

You can now integrate your Shopify store with Pidge to make your order fulfilment easier and much faster! Our customer-first approach allows you to use your online store directly as a point of sale rather than a middle chain platform. Just choose the name with which you want Pidge delivery to show on your store, and your customers will be able to select that delivery option on checkout. Once that is done, we will instantly receive a notification on our panel and start preparing for fulfilment. This means that you don’t have to bear the hassle of sharing lists, or even worry about missing any orders! With e-commerce becoming a 24*7 operation, no business should let delays and piling up of orders hamper its brand experience. Integration with Pidge empowers you to set up your logistics framework according to your time of the day needs, and offers a high degree of versatility in so many other functions.

Customize your own pick up & delivery time


Pidge gives you the flexibility to activate or inactivate different delivery days and time slots as per your business needs. Any customer who places an order on your website can choose from the multiple delivery slots you offer. You can even set up a maximum time limit between the time at which the order was placed at your store, and the time at which we do the pickup. For example, you want all the orders placed between 10AM and 11PM on your website on Monday to be picked up by 8AM on Tuesday. Then you can enter a buffer time of 9 hours in the system. If you’re a business that thrives on same day or next-day shipping, integrating with Pidge is something you would definitely benefit from!

Choose and edit your serviceable areas


With Pidge, you can easily select and edit the pin codes that you want to deliver to. This means that a customer will not be able to see Pidge as a delivery option if her orders have to be delivered to the deselected pin codes. Now, you can quickly deactivate certain zones to which you don’t want to deliver from your own system, without any to and fro. Whether it’s due to unusual traffic conditions, or pandemic related restrictions- you don’t have to worry!

Set up a delivery fee for each zone


If your warehouse is located in Central Delhi, it will naturally be easier and cheaper for you to deliver to a customer living in Central Delhi rather than one living in North Delhi. Using Pidge’s integration panel, you can set up different delivery charges for different zones as per the costs you may incur. So, whenever a customer from a zone places an order, she will automatically see the delivery charge you have set up for that particular zone.

No weight limit on your packages


Integrating with Pidge allows you to list your package sizes on the integration panel. Now you may have a packaging box of 1 kg or 2 kg depending on your total order value. You may even introduce a new box of 3 kg or more without worrying about its delivery. All you need to do is enter the size specifications of all your boxes in the system and we will accommodate them without any hassle.

Stay informed with live order tracking


We understand that it’s difficult to maintain a manual record of all your orders and share it with your team. Our comprehensive business order panel allows you to keep a live track of all your deliveries. Not just this,  you also have the functionality of exporting a CSV from our integration panel to share all the order data with your team, including the previously completed orders as well.


Implementation of this integration with Pidge can benefit your business in many ways. Think of a single app integration which gives you the combined benefit of multiple logistics apps. Think about the cost you will be saving, and how easier your resource and inventory management will be. Now, all you need to do is contact us, and we’ll be ready to help you with the integration process till the end!

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