How fast deliveries can grow your business

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Dec 10, 2021

How fast deliveries can grow your business

Ordered that gorgeous sequinned dress from your favourite home brand, but sceptical if it will reach in time? We all have been there! This little stint from ordering to getting it delivered (and sometimes the sudden apology texts of delays) is one of the key factors in deciding the courier service we want to opt for. Right? 

When we think about courier orders the first few things that pop up in our mind is clothes, makeup, books, etc. But, there are a plethora of things that are delivered from one corner to another and must be done in the nick of time. Perishable food items, medicines, daily essentials, etc are a few of the crucial items that need to be delivered within the stipulated period. Finding a courier service that does it, without burning a hole in your pocket can be a tough task. But, you can ease that frown, because we got you the best from the town.

Before rolling to the solution, let’s unravel the need for the same-day delivery service for your consumers.

  1. Builds Credibility: Same day delivery service is no more an option, it has become one of the most preferred choices of the consumer domain. The consumer wants their goods to be delivered as soon as possible. By adding this service, you as a business owner can not only enhance your consumer base but also earn a degree of valuable trust from their side.
  2.  Quality Remains Intact: If the delivery item is perishable, then late delivery may cause quality degradation, which will ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction. To avoid all the fiasco, same-day delivery is a wise and widely chosen option.
  3. Enhances Visibility: Speedy delivery adds to the numerous other perks that you are offering to your consumers. It’s one of the most lucrative services that a consumer can avail of.

How do I choose the right courier service?

Where there are ample services, choosing the right service is very important. It does not only deliver the package/product on the same day but also aids you in maintaining your business’s reputation in the longer run. Amongst all the stakeholders, Pidge has emerged as a pioneer brand for same-day delivery service. Serving convenience and reliability on the same platter, the brand offers a plethora of services that include – seamless API integration, real-time tracking facility, customization options, and the cherry on the top – transparent charging.

What’s more? The sender-receiver OTP system improves the safety aspect along with the tamper-proof packaging that’s done to keep your parcel extremely safe and secure. In addition, the experienced delivery executives with the help of route optimization techniques, deliver the package safely & in time, keeping the process friction-free. And if in any case, there’s a special need, some urgent request, you can always connect to Pidge’s customer care and get it resolved quickly. Other than these emergencies, the customer support team also aids in answering all queries related to packaging and delivery. So wait no more! Just Pidge it!

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