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Choosing the right transportation route for each customer situation can make or break your omni channel fulfilment strategy. With Pidge’s same-day, radius-free deliveries across the city combined with an exceptional at-door experience, reaching more customers gets easier! Our cutting-edge solutions allow you to rocket your store location and in-store inventory to increase your profitability. Our adaptive pricing and exceptional delivery SLAs help you in saving up to half of your warehousing and other operational costs. Our highly trained delivery executives ensure that your product is always delivered to the customer in the most pristine condition. Your customers want the freedom of a channel-less shopping experience and Pidge can help you in doing that! 

Pidge is the missing piece you need to create a consistent and delightful shopping experience! 

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Same-day pick up & delivery

Exceptional delivery SLAs and supply predictability allow Pidge to pick up and deliver your products on the same-day without any hassle. We guarantee to pick up your package in 30 minutes and deliver it instantly.

Save operational & inventory costs

As Pidge can pick up and deliver your products from anywhere in the city, you don’t need to maintain several warehouses any more. Now you can optimise your in-store inventory and increase your sales revenue.

Exceptional at-door experience

Our on-roll delivery executives are highly trained for delivering a world class at-door experience to delight your customers. Well-rounded training equips them to skilfully handle and deliver your product with utmost care and safety.

Modular SaaS solutions

With Pidge’s seamless tech integration, you can design your own brand experience with custom pick up and delivery guidelines, prioritisation preferences, modular consolidated proof of delivery and custom invoicing as requested by you.

Optimum route for each customer situation

Our advanced routing algorithms synchronize all the data and make sure that the consumer demand is met in the quickest manner. You can sell your goods without losing time in  processing & delivery, while your customer is satisfied with on-time deliveries.

Sound reverse logistics infrastructure

Build your competitive edge with Pidge’s quick & efficient reverse logistics system. Nothing builds a greater perception of your brand than the ease of returning and after-sales services that you provide to your customers!

Track orders in real-time

Customers today want to know what’s happening with their orders at all times. Live customer support and real time order tracking empowers you and your customers to keep a live track of the deliveries and achieve maximum satisfaction.

Transparent pricing

Zone-based, distance-based or package-based; Pidge offers you an adaptive pricing structure most suitable for your requirements so that you can quote accurately to your customers. Pidge doesn’t take any order-based commissions or hidden charges.

On-demand deliveries with maximum flexibility

Satisfy customers with efficient returns management

Reduced return rate

Delivery reattempts

Safety ensured in transit

Verified returns

Case Studies

Partnering with Pidge has enabled us to build a differentiated capability for orders received on our website, time to delivery within Delhi NCR is under 16 hours post order placement & our return rates are <2% from ~5%.
Pankhul Luthra
Head of Supply Chain | Man Company

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